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100 years ago: Family sues Lawrence Water Company for using contaminated water

June 29, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 29, 1912:

  • "Some one stole a quantity of copper wire from the rear of the Home Telephone building some time yesterday. The theft was reported to the police and shortly afterward the stolen property was located by Officer Daily. The suspected thief could not be located at that time but later in the evening he was found by Officer Smith and placed under arrest."
  • "A suit that involves some of the finest points of law that have ever been argued in Lawrence was filed with the clerk of the district court this morning in which the plaintiff seeks to recover damages for illness alleged to have been caused by the use of contaminated water. The Lawrence Water Company is named as the defendant in this suit being charged with having run river water into the city mains without notifying the consumers.... It is alleged that this water contained all sorts of sewage and disease germs.... George White and Myrtle White are the plaintiffs who sue for damages in the amounts of $1,500 and $5,000 respectively. It is alleged in the petition that Mrs. White contracted typhoid fever from the use of water furnished by the Water company. The petition further states that a small son of the family also was afflicted for the same reason.... This is a peculiar case and very few of a similar nature have ever been brought in the United States. The case probably will be heard in the November term of the district court and the outcome will be closely watched both by interested parties in Lawrence and by legal students of the country."
  • "The Vinland band has completed its plans for the Fourth of July celebration at Vinland. Dr. W. N. Mason, President of Baker University, will be the speaker of the day. It is his first Fourth of July speech in Kansas. During the day two baseball games will be played.... There will be the usual races and prizes will be offered for everything. But the finest part of the celebration will be the good home feeling that provides it. Vinland is a community in a thousand and it never fails to do the right thing at the right time."
  • "The Journal-World never buys a dollar's worth of goods outside of Lawrence that can be bought at home and, on the contrary, pays retail prices for many things that it is in a position to buy at wholesale prices. It is this spirit that makes a town grow in population and wealth."
  • "County health officer Dr. S. T. Gillispie has a few nice things to say concerning the Lawrence barbers and their shops. The health officer visited all of the shops this week and thoroughly inspected them as is required by the state law. Dr. Gillispie looked at every shop in the city and placed his O.K. on each of them in turn."


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