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Cancer message

June 26, 2012


To the editor:

The Lance Armstrong Foundation is joining with fellow members of One Voice Against Cancer, a coalition of 38 cancer organizations, for a lobby day on Capitol Hill, July 9-10.  This effort is more than a lobby day — it’s an opportunity for the cancer community to stand in solidarity to champion federal funding of cancer research, patient navigation services and cancer screening programs.

I will be representing the Lance Armstrong Foundation as a delegate from Kansas because I have lost many family members and friends to cancer and have many more that are survivors. I have seen first-hand how devastating this disease is and how important ongoing cancer research is. Research is now on the verge of making great progress in prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. This progress is in jeopardy without sustained funding. Also, additional funding is needed for cancer prevention and early detection where it will provide more screening and education programs.

Our elected officials have some tough choices to make as they outline the budget for 2013. But with cancer now the leading cause of death around the world, we need them to apply greater resources, knowledge and public awareness to end the suffering caused by cancer. I am hopeful that by sharing our stories on Capitol Hill we can turn the cancer narrative to one of unity and recovery.


Abdu Omar 5 years, 11 months ago

I believe doctors and researchers are trying hard to find a way to cure cancer. One Voice against cancer is like having one voice for rain. I am a delegate for the More Rain in Kansas Coalition and we want to raise money to get more rain. Our crops are steadily declining because it has been so long since we have gotten rain. So please send $100 to your local MRKC and help us raise enough money to have more rain. Your generosity will be highly rewarded.

Brought to you by the Lawrence Chapter of the MRKC.

I wounded_soldier approve this message.

FloridaSunshine 5 years, 11 months ago

Make that a double, even a triple "wow" for me. Am I missing something here?????

LarryCarl 5 years, 11 months ago

if I had to guess, I'd guess some kind of bitterness...

but then, I don't know the guy...

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