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June 25, 2012


Shaun Ryan Kelsey, 22, Parsons, and Ashley Marie Pritchard, 21, Lawrence.

Cody Jerome Kuhlman, 35, Lawrence, and Lindsey Marie Neill, 28, Lawrence.

Chad Allen Vande Velde, 24, Lawrence, and Jessica Rae Piersol, 24, Lawrence.

Ted Christian Jehle, 28, Baldwin City, and Kayla Jean Pringle, 27, Baldwin City.

Tye Charles Gordon, 21, Baldwin City, and Sonya Lurene Torneden, 24, Baldwin City.

Jinhoi Song, 29, Lawrence, and Bora Kim, 28, Lawrence.

Wesley Adam Pickens, 32, Lawrence, and Samantha Rose Cady, 23, Lawrence.

Jorge Anselmo Galvez Espinobarros, 31, Lawrence, and Michele Marie Robb, 28, Lawrence.

Aleksey Sergeyevich Polovin, 30, Lawrence, and Inna Vladimirovna Buglak, 18, Lawrence.

John Noble Wright, 30, Lawrence, and Ani Kokobobo, 29, Lawrence.

Allan Scott Hemmy, 32, Simi Valley, Calif., and Jessica Cullen Rector, 28, Simi Valley, Calif.

Robert Elden Bowline, 85, Lawrence, and Dorothy Jean Dalbom, 83, Amarillo, Texas.

Aaron Hutchins Boehmler, 22, Lawrence, and Amanda Lee Maes, 21, Lawrence.

Sisomphone Khanthaboury, 33, Lawrence, and Lyta Viengsavanh Thattanakham, 31, Lawrence.

Peter Alexander Ross, 25, Altamont, and Ashley Michelle Byrd, 23, Lawrence.

Mark Demane Simons, 30, Lawrence, and Dia Leigh Hanson, 30, Lawrence.

Matthew Allen Stroh, 24, Lawrence, and Erin Colleen McGinty, 24, Lawrence.

Israel Rea Gonzalez, 24, Columbia, Mo., and Bertha Yesenia Elizabeth Garcia Cortez, 20, Columbia, Mo.

Jeffrey Alan Utter, 30, Kansas City, Kan., and Heather Marie Wurtz, 27, Kansas City, Kan.

Joshua William Montgomery, 35, Lawrence, and Kristie Kathlyn Adair, 38, Lawrence.

David William Eagle, 30, London, and Lisa Diane Wilkinson, 31, London.

Eric Randall Wallace, 44, Eudora, and Magaly Betzabe Thorp, 39, Eudora.

Jason Michael Ash, 35, Lawrence, and Pamela Renee Wyssenbach, 32, Lawrence.

Paul Bernard Gardner II, 36, Lawrence, and Dana R.J. Thompson, 37, Lawrence.

David Allen Lytle, 35, Lawrence, and Roxanna Lin Fanning, 31, Lawrence.

David Augusta McLaughlin, 39, Oskaloosa, and Amy Elizabeth Harris, 35, Lawrence.

Christian Michael Reynolds, 40, Lawrence, and Heather Marie Brown, 29, Lawrence.

Tyler Jon Naylor, 27, Lawrence, and Catherine Rose Bohn, 26, Lawrence.

Robert Paul Ramirez, 23, Lawrence, and Rachel Louise Brasher, 23, Lawrence.

Timothy Andrew Davey, 29, San Mateo, Calif., and Diana Marie Sperger, 33, San Mateo, Calif.

Kevin James Cottrell, 21, Lawrence, and Megan Marie Perry, 22, Lawrence.

Justin Brooks, Pollard, 25, Eudora, and Heather Shellene Helm, 27, Eudora.


Shane Garrett 5 years, 7 months ago

congrats to all best wishes. But, did some of you just make those names up? Ko Ko Bo Bo made me chuckle a little bit. Not to mention Viengsavanh That ta nak ham.

LVTK 5 years, 6 months ago

Thank you for your comment to the comment above yours. I am Lyta Viengsavanh Thattanakham and I am very proud to say I'm a Lawrence, KS resident because of people like you who show no dislike to people of other ethnicity.

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