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Police arrest burglary suspect after brief foot chase

June 23, 2012


Lawrence police arrested 29-year-old Darius Pierre Trammel, of Lawrence, for burglary, trespassing, criminal property damage, theft and obstruction of legal process after a call of suspicious activity in a parking lot at the 800th block of West 24th Street about 6 p.m. Saturday. According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Craig Shanks, police arrived at the parking lot behind Laird Noller Automotive and found Trammel, who then attempted to flee, first crawling under a pickup truck and then hopping a fence.

“Unfortunately for him, he picked one of our more fleet-of-foot officers, and the chase was over shortly,” Shanks said. Officers found that one vehicle in the lot had a stereo stolen. Another vehicle was damaged. Officers then took Trammel into custody.


Eugehne Normandin 5 years ago

I thought thieves only worked at night ?

Melanie Birge 5 years ago

Not anymore! Times have changed...

Rick Aldrich 5 years ago

What a Moran. Here's my sign kind a guy. Go LPD.

Liberty275 5 years ago

"You can't call someone a moron if you do not even know how to spell the word."

You cna't call semonoe a mroon if you do not even konw how to splel the wrod.

I'm a Florida redneck/hick and I know the meme that was spawned by the image of the protestor holding a sign saying "get a brain! morans" in one hand and another with "go usa".

lurkmoar. Learn to meme.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years ago

The poster is using Urban Language.

The ironic way to spell moron. "Get a brain! Morans" Anyone with an opposing view.

otto 5 years ago

It could be that he was trying to say that the suspect is from Moran KS.

RubyVrooom 5 years ago

Hey! I'm from Moran and now I'm totally offendinated :)

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

Maroon. If it's good enough for Bugs Bunny, it's good enough for me.

gphawk89 5 years ago

Maybe he thought the suspect was Jim Moran.

Liberty275 5 years ago

Innocent until proven guilty. I'll trust the opinion of the court.

Also, kudos to the Lawrence for having a fast cop and for doing a good job preventing what might have been a burglary. Maybe Laird Noller will build you a new cop building.

shortone 5 years ago

“Unfortunately for him, he picked one of our more fleet-of-foot officers, and the chase was over shortly,” Shanks said. Why aren't all officers capable of a chase? Don't they have weight restrictions and fitness expectations for the job?

DCtransplant 5 years ago

I've been burglarized twice -- once at about 10 am, and once at about 3 pm. Smart burglars don't stumble around in the middle of the night when they're really obvious. They hit you while you're at work and no one thinks anything of people being out and about.

Matt Herrera 5 years ago

Moran, KS ? Na, this guy was probably from Topeka, KS.

somedude20 5 years ago

Darius, other than being a criminal, I would say that your first mistake was that you did not offer the officer half of your loot. May not be as flash as some KU baseball tickets but who could not use an extra car stereo

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