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100 years ago: ‘Mimic war’ planned for Lawrence area this summer

June 23, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 23, 1912:

  • "When the Republican National Convention closed at Chicago on Saturday night it had renominated William Howard Taft of Ohio for the presidency of the United States. The President was given the nomination of the Convention with practically no opposition as the Roosevelt delegates remained silent in their seats and refused to vote when the roll was called. One hundred and seven of these carried out their instructions, however, and the Colonel is credited with having received 107 votes for the presidential nomination."
  • "Lawrence military officers who spent the past week in Leavenworth at the camp of instruction brought back with them rumors of war -- not hostilities with foreign countries but of the big maneuver that is to take place in Kansas this fall. The plans for this mimic war are being worked out at war headquarters and there is little doubt but that it will be one of the biggest engagements in which militia men have ever taken part during peaceful times. The loss of the army appropriation bill threatens the maneuver somewhat, but the officers state that there is every indication at Leavenworth that the difficulty will be met in some way and the plans carried out.... The plans of the maneuver have been changed a number of times, the latest plan being to make Lawrence and Olathe the points of mobilization with Bonner Springs the objective point. Half of the force would assemble here and the other half at Olathe. The Lawrence army would proceed eastward while the Olathe force would come up from the south. The two would maneuver at right angles for several days and would engage in the final battle at Bonner. Originally Topeka was to be the center of the fray, later Lecompton, and then Leavenworth. Now the scene of battle has again been shifted and it is probable that it will be changed again before the armies take the field in August.... The Lawrence officers who attended the Leavenworth school last week are very enthusiastic over their work and all declared that they had a great time while in the regular army camp."


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