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100 years ago: County assessor reports latest numbers on parks, trees, gardens, cemeteries

June 21, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 21, 1912:

  • "The annual Street Car picnic will be held at Woodland Park this summer on July 9. This date for the annual outing of the car people was fixed this morning and now plans for the observance of the day are in order.... It is the plan to carry out practically the same sort of a program as was had last year. The affair last year proved to be a great success and a day for the street car people that they will remember a long time. The program probably will include a ball game in the afternoon, a picnic supper in the afternoon and a dance at night along with a number of other similar picnic events."
  • "Thirty-five acres of Douglas county lands are devoted to public parks, according to the report of the county assessor. In addition to this there are private, ornamental grounds amounting to seventeen acres. There are ten ponds and lakes in the county which cover a total of 333 1/2 acres. There are sixty-four school houses in the county with a total of 77 acres of school grounds.... Wild timber, 6,922 acres; street trees, 10,394; vegetable gardens, 320 acres; fruit trees of fruit-bearing age, 159,971; cemeteries, 166 1/2 acres."
  • "Twenty-eight Kansas University men yesterday passed the state bar examination. Twenty-four of these men are of the class of 1912, while four are former K.U. students."
  • "Mrs. Edith Wooderson Lamb of West Warren street, the Lawrence woman who has recently been discovered to be one of the most pleasant and forcible speakers ever heard in the city, will be the attraction of the day at Olathe July 4th. The address will be in advocacy of equal suffrage."
  • "Lawrence yesterday had its first entertainment on the motor speedway, and at the same time there was the first speed catastrophe in which two Lawrence boys were badly injured. The accident occurred yesterday afternoon on the Woodland track while the motorcyclists were warming up. Ira Stockwell and Charles Bonar were the victims of the spill. This morning, both boys were reported as doing well and certain of recovery."


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