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40 years ago: Washington takes notice of burglary at DNC headquarters

June 20, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 20, 1972:

  • In Washington today, Sen. George S. McGovern, front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, denounced the weekend break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters by five men with wiretapping devices as a "legacy of years of snooping." McGovern said that he had no evidence that would implicate the Republican party or its leaders in the burglary and attempted wiretapping at the Watergate office complex. One of the men arrested in the case was employed by both the GOP National Committee and a Nixon re-election committee, but both the National Committee and the re-election committee were denying any involvement.
  • At their meeting this week, Lawrence city commissioners were scheduled to discuss the possibility of a garage sale ordinance. Local merchants of secondhand goods were seeking an ordinance to require a permit for garage sales in order to cut down on "repeaters," or people who were operating sales on a regular basis. A recent city hall study had shown that there had been 386 garage sales advertised in the Journal-World between Jan. 1 and May 31, but only five had been repeats. On the basis of this survey, City Manager Buford Watson was planning to recommend to the commission that no regulative ordinance be passed at this time.


SpicePirate 5 years, 7 months ago

When in doubt, or a Tricky-Dick, disavow! Man! I wish he was still around to be ceremonially impeached all over again, once every year on the anniversary of the break-in.

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