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25 years ago: Rare frog a no-show in wetlands this year

June 20, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 20, 1987:

The northern crawfish frog, having become the center of attention in the south Lawrence trafficway controversy, had failed to show up in the Baker Wetlands this spring, according to local wildlife experts.The frog's non-appearance was probably due to dry conditions this year. A heavy or almost "catastrophic" amount of rainfall was critical to bring the frog out of its deep burrows to begin its mating ritual, said Penny von Achen, a Kansas University biology graduate who had spent two months searching for the frog as part of a study funded by the Kansas Fish and Game Commission. Lacking rain and subsequent puddles for tadpole development, the frog would stay deep in its hole for several seasons, emerging only for an occasional snack. Von Achen, stating her belief that the frog was still in the 600-acre wetlands site, said that she would continue to monitor the area this summer and again next spring.


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