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100 years ago: Water company urges boiling of water until algae clears

June 20, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 20, 1912:

  • "'We have been having a hard fight to keep down algae and to keep the water clear; the trouble has been aggravated by extensions and changes in the system in various parts of town which has caused the black deposits to become detached from the pipes in some instances making the water almost black. We advise our customers to boil water used for drinking purposes until further notice is given.' The above statement was given to the Journal-World this morning by Frank Sauer, manager of the Lawrence Water Company.... For some reason the Water Company has had a harder fight than usual at keeping down the algae, the microscopic plant life which colors the water green."
  • "This afternoon the grocers and butchers took their annual day off at the park and the proprietors and their employees certainly enjoyed the outing.... Prizes were awarded in the various contests. The ball game between the grocers and butchers furnished an opportunity for winning a variety of prizes, as prizes were offered for winning the game, most stolen bases, first home run, most scores, most errors, greatest number of hits and greatest number of strike outs. This evening there will be a band concert and dancing in the pavilion."
  • "Prof. H. J. Hoover, of Baldwin, is mourning the loss of a fine horse, or rather he is as busy as a man can be hunting one that has wandered away. Prof. Hoover purchased a fine horse in Topeka and took it to his home in Baldwin where he enjoyed it for a time. On Tuesday night he turned it out to get some grass and has not seen it since. He was in Lawrence today trying to find some trace of the animal. As he purchased the horse in Topeka he fears that it has probably tried to return home and he is making special effort to find it in this direction. The horse was ridden through Lawrence on its way from Topeka to Baldwin."


SpicePirate 5 years, 8 months ago

I hope the Prof found his horse?! What a tragedy that would be if it got hurt on its way "home"!

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