Brownback gets heat for ‘real live experiment’ comment on tax cuts

? Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday described his tax cuts as a “real live experiment,” which drew the disapproval of a group of fellow Republicans.

Appearing on Morning Joe on MSNBC in New York, Brownback was interviewed about the recent tax cuts he signed into law that will reduce individual rates and eliminate income taxes for the owners of 191,000 businesses.

“On taxes, you need to get your overall rates down, and you need to get your social manipulation out of it, in my estimation, to create growth. We’ll see how it works. We’ll have a real live experiment,” Brownback said.

Traditional Republicans for Common Sense have been opposed to the tax cuts, saying they will rob needed funds for schools, social services and public safety.

“I applaud the governor for finally being truthful with Kansans about the ‘experimental’ nature of his tax plan,” said Rochelle Chronister, a spokeswoman for the group that includes 55 former legislators, all Republicans.

“Unfortunately, this ‘experiment’ will bankrupt our state and create a $2.7 billion deficit within five years,” said Chronister, who is a former assistant majority leader in the House and former state chairwoman of the Kansas Republican Party.

Brownback has said the tax cuts will create jobs and boost the state economy.

On MSNBC, Brownback said Kansas’ tax cuts will make the state more competitive regionally. “You’ll get a chance to see how this impacts a particular experimental area, and I think Kansas is going to do well,” he said.