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June 18, 2012


Kent Alan Eldert, 38, Lawrence, and Amanda Kathleen Lutz, 33, Lawrence.

Grant Christopher Meisenheimer, 26, Lawrence, and Nicole Suzanne Leach, 28, Lawrence.

Cary Scott Kessler, 31, Lawrence, and Sarah Grace Waltz, 26, Lawrence.

James Patrick Dipman, 27, Lawrence, and Molly Ann McDuffie, 28, Lawrence.

Derek Joseph Deck, 25, Lawrence, and Dillon Marie Zickefoose, 25, Lawrence.

Alex Moore Sullivan, 26, Denver, and Jennifer Lee Gwaltney, 26, Denver.

Duane Byron Filkins, 55, Lawrence, and Lauri Leigh Emery, 44, Lawrence.

Alexander James Grenning, 27, Hawthorn Woods, Ill., and Laura Beth Peterson, 27, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Shawn Michael Vogel, 30, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Ann Conley, 26, Lawrence.

Charles Paul Bradley, 24, Lawrence, and Desiree Astrid Ruth McCall, 23, Lawrence.

Diyaree Othman Arif, 36, Lawrence, and Aoesta Khalid Mohammed, 32, Lawrence.

Joseph Robert Wiles, 29, Lawrence, and Megan Elizabeth Cooper, 27, Lawrence.

Geoffrey Conan McCall, 22, Lawrence, and Carissa Dawn Engelbert, 21, Lawrence.

Frank Charles Schawaller, 48, Lawrence, and Lynn Ellen Carter-Berglund, 54, Alton, Ill.

Nicholas James Hoffmann, 22, Wichita, and Stephanie Marie Claar, 22, Overland Park.

Brandon Jefferson Parish, 24, Lawrence, and Allie Rayne Souza, 20, Lawrence.

Damon Jesse Simmons, 22, Lawrence, and Hope Elizabeth Lucas, 22, Lawrence.

Cameron Eugene Starks-Cowper, 20, McPherson, and Courtney Nicole Caldwell, 21, McPherson.

Aiden Choi, 23, Lawrence, and Xiaolu Fan, 28, Topeka.

Caleb Troy Bates, 27, Lawrence, and Isabelle Marie-Antoinette Lenriot, 37, Yerres, France.

Sean Ayla Schbley, 27, Lawrence, and Mindy Min Liu, 27, Lawrence.

Bryan Jacob Rolland, 38, Lawrence, and Shannon Beth Tuckwin, 39, Lawrence.

Skylar Sea Yewell, 25, Lawrence, and Sarah Lynn Southall, 33, Lawrence.

Brian James Loeb, 28, Lawrence, and Heather Kathleen Lane, 29, Lawrence.

Tommy Allen Yother II, 38, Lawrence, and Amanda Jo Faulkner, 32, Lawrence.

Eric Christopher Buselt, 30, Lawrence, and Valisha Jean Nelson, 27, Lawrence.

Addison Lamont Canidy, 24, Topeka, and Daneale Marie Diggins, 22, Lawrence.

Aaron Joseph Whitesell, 23, Slidell, La., and Megan Jo Brittany Adams, 22, Spring Hill.

Jon Derek Lingenfelser, 24, Linwood, and Megan Rochelle Miller, 22, Linwood.

Michael Roy Prittie, 32, Lawrence, and Beth Ann Ryszewski, 28, Lawrence.


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