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25 years ago: Recent collision reminds officers of rarely-used bicycle law

June 18, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 18, 1987:

A recent collision between a bicycle and a car had led local law enforcement officials to dig out a rarely-used state law. Police had issued the bicyclist a ticket after his bike and a car had collided on Clinton Parkway at Hawthorne Drive. The rider had been cited for riding on the roadway when an established city bike route was readily available. State law said that whenever a bike path, in this case the one running along both sides of Clinton Parkway from Iowa Street to Clinton Lake, was available, cyclists must use the path instead of the roadway. Some local bicycle-riders objected to this, saying that the parkway bike path was often littered with glass, holes, and other hazards. Frequent winding curbs at each intersection as well as interaction with joggers and dog-walkers turned the pathway into an obstacle course, said Rick Stein, owner of Rick's Bike Shop, 1033 Vermont. Stein, who said he always used the road in preference to that particular bike path, also said that the law created a double standard by defining bicycles as vehicles yet not giving them the same rights as automobiles.


Linda and Bill Houghton 5 years, 11 months ago

Now Clinton Parkway has Bike Route - Share the Road signs, which implies to me that bicycling on the street is permitted. At least for the experienced rider it is safer to be there than on the multi-use trail (MUT). The cars see you if you are out there. Particularly, you are at the mercy of the right turners on the MUT and if you are on the MUT that is on the opposite side from the normal traffic flow you may not be noticed at all. We had that sort of accident a short time back at 23rd and Naismith. The motorist was looking left for a break in the traffic to make a right turn and didn't see the bicyclist on the sidewalk coming from the right, who had a green light.

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