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100 years ago: Farmers look forward to bumper crops this season

June 17, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 17, 1912:

  • "Prosperity stories were never so abundant or was the evidence as valid as is the case this year. All of the farmers are looking into the future and seeing visions of monster harvests this fall. Others who are acquainted with conditions are firm in their believe that the year of 1912 is to be one of bumper crops and bursting bins..... Almost idea weather for growing crops prevailed during the spring and thus far this summer. And from all over the state comes similar stories of prosperity for the farmers, and good crops means good business and happiness and prosperity for all.... Theodore Pine says that crops in Grant township have not been as good in ten years as they are today."
  • "Fred Heck was coming to town Saturday with four horses hitched to a load of peas when wagon, horses and all slid down the bank of the big fill just west of the Union Pacific railroad and went into a pile in the ditch. The wagon was turned completely over and the four horses were in a struggling mass, but fortunately no serious damage resulted. Heck was slightly injured, but was able to bring his team into town. A number of men working on the jetties nearby came to his assistance."
  • "Thieves last night entered the home of Louis Creel in North Lawrence and stole a number of silver spoons and a number of articles of jewelry. Thieves entered the home while the family was away, with the exception of a couple of small children who heard the noise but were frightened and remained quiet."
  • "The proposed theater trust is off. That can be officially stated. It was on and the newspapers had been pledged to secrecy, but a premature publication showed the hands of the inside parties at a time it was not desirable that they be known. The plan to combine the three nickels on the basis that was at first proposed, is dead."
  • "Those who feel chilly and complain over the cold weather today should remember the weather of a year ago when everything was parched, stock water was almost gone and pastures had dried up."


Tod Sutton 5 years, 11 months ago

So my prior comment about the nickels for the June 15 story a few days ago was wrong. They were 'nickel' theaters?

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