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100 years ago: Lawrence grocers consider early closings during hot summer months

June 16, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 16, 1912:

  • "Lawrence housewives probably will have to order their groceries and meats for Thursday early in the morning in order to be sure of them for the evening meal. If every grocer and meat cutter in the city signs the petition that was in circulation today this will undoubtedly be the case, and the indications are that there will not be a single one who will hold out. This petition asks every man engaged in either of these lines of business in the city of Lawrence to close his store at noon on Thursdays and to remain closed during the afternoon.... Afternoon closing is a matter that has long been agitated in Lawrence but it has never been put into effect.... The butchers and grocers have been among the most progressive in this line and it is quite probable that they will set the example this year by closing every Thursday afternoon during the hot months."
  • "This was a great day for children of the country schools. Farmers and their families began arriving this morning and by noon there were many of them on the street. The occasion of the gathering was the twenty-first annual commencement of Douglas County Schools held at the high school building today.... Prof. J. H. Miller delivered a splendid address and brought home to the graduates some of the duties and responsibilities that are awaiting them.... [He] was much in favor of consolidated schools and told some of their advantages in enabling students to gain a high school education without leaving the farm. He believes that such schools will greatly increase in numbers in the next ten years and that a corresponding improvement in roads will take place. Knowledge is a good thing on the farm. It helps a farmer to understand his work with plants and animals and helps him to make his labor profitable."
  • "A long life was ended this morning when Samuel H. Carmean passed away at his home at 740 Ohio street.... 'Sam' Carmean as he was known to everyone was one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of Douglas county. He had lived in the county and served the people here faithfully for many years. It was in his public work that he earned the respect and confidence of the people. Mr. Carmean served as sheriff of the county for four terms making a total of eight years. He also served as city marshal for four terms, and he left both of these offices with splendid records."
  • "The Journal-World will serve its readers with the great Associated Press report during the Republican convention at Chicago. This is a report that is uncolored, but never colorless. It will give all the news. The convention is attracting attention all the time.... We realize that there is immense interest so make free to call the paper at any time. The Journal-World is the people's paper and what news it has belongs to the people. The report received at this office will be full and complete."


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