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Democrats say Kobach’s office lost candidate’s paperwork to run for office; Kobach’s office said documents were never received

June 14, 2012


— Democrats said Thursday that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office lost the paperwork of a Democratic candidate and is denying him from running for office.

Larry Meeker, of Lake Quivira, and House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, speak Thursday at a news conference in the Statehouse. Meeker and Davis say Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office lost Meeker's paperwork to be a candidate in the State House District 17 race. Kobach's office says it never received the documents.

Larry Meeker, of Lake Quivira, and House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, speak Thursday at a news conference in the Statehouse. Meeker and Davis say Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office lost Meeker's paperwork to be a candidate in the State House District 17 race. Kobach's office says it never received the documents.

"The fact of the matter is, they made a mistake," House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, said. "What bothers me is that they have not owned up to that mistake," Davis said.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office has determined the candidacy of Larry Meeker invalid. Kobach's office says Meeker's documents were never received.

Meeker, a former mayor of Lake Quivira, said he filed the necessary paperwork and officials paid the $105 filing fee to run for State House District 17, which is in Johnson County.

But Meeker and Democratic officials say that somehow in the crush of candidates filing on Monday, the Secretary of State's office lost the documents.

A panel of three federal judges late last Thursday dramatically altered the political landscape in Kansas by drawing new political boundaries for congressional, legislative and State Board of Education districts after the Legislature failed to accomplish the task.

The most drastic changes came in state House and Senate districts where dozens of legislators found themselves in districts with other incumbents while others were drawn completely out of their districts.

The judges also left in place the noon Monday deadline to file for candidacy, which caused an unprecedented rush of political activity.

"I appreciate the chaos that the Secretary of State's office had to deal with on Monday with such a short time for candidates to file for state office," said Meeker. "Such circumstances certainly create opportunity for error. However, I firmly believe that the discrepancy in filing my paperwork occurred at the Secretary of State's office," he said.

In a letter to Meeker, Ryan Krieghauser, deputy secretary of state, told Meeker, "We have reviewed all fillings received on June 11 multiple times and have determined that your Declaration was not received in our office on that date before noon." And Krieghauser said even if the office did timely receive the document, the office did not receive the filing fee.

Democrats said they will appeal this decision to the State Objections Board, which handles candidacy disputes and is made up of Kobach, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer and Attorney General Derek Schmidt, all three of whom are Republicans. The board meets Tuesday.

Meeker and Davis said they did not believe Kobach's decision was partisan, but just that the office made a mistake.

On Monday morning, Meeker, along with nine other Democrats, filed their Declaration of Intention to become candidates in Johnson County. Then, Johnson County Democratic Party Chairman Kyle Russell and Tyler Longpine drove the documents to the Secretary of State's office in Topeka. Longpine works for Davis and earlier worked for former Secretary of State Chris Biggs, a Democrat whom Kobach defeated in 2010.

Longpine has signed a sworn statement that he handed the paperwork and paid the filing fees to Krieghauser. The Democrats said they later realized late Monday afternoon that Meeker's filing had not been processed when the Secretary of State posted online its updated candidate list. All the other candidates' paperwork and filing fees that Longpine handed in were processed and are on the ballot.

Meeker said he wants to run for the House seat and believes he can win. Two Republicans are facing off in the primary. They are Jason Lieb and Brett Hildabrand. Hildabrand represented a different district and then moved to the 17th after the maps were redrawn.


headdoctor 5 years ago

Sounds like Kobach needs to worry more about his office operation than voter fraud. When you have someone watching over the masses, who is watching the watchers?

somedude20 5 years ago

If Meeker can prove he paid, it will be hard to deny. I have no doubt that Kansas's Kris Kobach is pulling a Koch/Brownback but it aint what ya know, its what you can prove

newmedia 5 years ago

Agreed. Prove you paid the filing fee and you should be in. If not, see you in a couple of years...

woodscolt 5 years ago

Need any more proof what Kobachs and the republicans fake voter fraud and vote purging BS is all about.

optimist 5 years ago

Having conducted business with the State of Kansas and presented proposals and the like to various departments it has always been my experience that there is a dated receipt provided at the time of delivery. I find it hard to believe that the Secretary of State's office doesn't provide receipts when this important filing is delivered. If it was in fact delivered there should be no problem presenting a date stamped receipt and clear this up. I don't think it appropriate to assume who made the mistake. It seems just as likely that the person delivering the filings for multiple candidates at the same time just as easily could have made the error. I look forward to hearing the outcome of this.

DeckDoctors 5 years ago

Mr. Kobach is doing a wonderful job and I support him 100%. He is doing his job of making rule benders follow the rules, and I know that irks Liberals because they despise the rule of law and the constitution.

DeckDoctors 5 years ago

Agnes don't get your panties in a bind, he worked on AZ intelligent immigration law before he took office here. Your a typical Lib who resorts to name calling when their arguments fail, and yours failed hence the name calling by you, or shall we call it 'hate speech' which is the code word Libs use for anything not agreeing with their 'tolerant' views... So typical and pathetic really.

DeckDoctors 5 years ago

You will continue to run across my type alot more as Americans are getting fed up with the Lib Element in the United States. Your ilk is about to be flushed out of office come November. Keep laughing if that helps you feel better as the majority of Americans put you in your place.

Carmalee Winebrinner 5 years ago

Keep telling yourself that, sweetie. pats your head

DeckDoctors 5 years ago

Carmalee buy a television or at least a radio! You would have been able to get a big clue as to what's coming for your Dear Leader if you had heard about the Wisconsin recall vote where Republicans/Americans overwhelmingly voted against Libs/Socialists/Unions and won handily. swats away gnarly hand attempting to touch my head

jafs 5 years ago

In what universe is a 53-46% win "overwhelming"?

If 4% of voters had voted the other way, the outcome would have been different.

DeckDoctors 5 years ago

'Just Another Failing Socialist', not home schooled I take it? Take the socialist vote total of 46% add your 4% and you get what? 50% in most math classes, so Gov. Walker would have still won. Now what was your point? It was overwhelming considering socialists were being bused in from other states to vote, and the millions spent (wasted) by democrats to unseat Walker...yeah it stung. Get ready for more. Did you forget the congressional races of 2010? Republicans/Americans defeated the Liberal Socialists by a wide margin and retook the House. Get used to it my friend, Dear Leader is packing it up.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

Geez, Deck, simple math must not be so simple. Take that 46% and add 4% and you will indeed get 50%. Now where do you suppose that 4% came from? It came from the 53%, so now you have to subtract that. 53% - 4% = 49%. And the results of the election are reversed.
Try to keep up.

bornon7 5 years ago

Deckdoctor can't. He hides behind "religion", and bigotry and bullying. His steriods don't help his brain function. He should have a photo of himself with ROID on HIS forehead instead of Obama pic. Don't waste your time fueling his fire. Love freedom of speech! Goes both ways, DD!

jafs 5 years ago

Thanks :-)

I should have read your post before responding.

jafs 5 years ago

Ok - I see math isn't your strong point.

If 4% had voted the other way, that would have resulted in a 50%-49% victory for the other side.

53-4=49 46+4=50

And, the pro-Walker forces outspent the opposition by about 7.5/1.

In what universe is a very slim majority some sort of "landslide" victory?

jafs 5 years ago

Praise Jesus!

Your posts are filled with his love and compassion.

MyName 5 years ago

Well maybe the Sec. of State will finally take the time away from his busy legal career to do the job we elected him to do... nah who am I kidding.

JayhawkFan1985 5 years ago

Sounds like Chicago style politics to me. Amazing that a republican lost a democrats paperwork and the appeal will be heard by three republicans.

DeckDoctors 5 years ago

What's even more amazing is that some democrat decides to run at the last minute and can't prove he ever paid for or sent the paperwork in. Who wants a disorganized person like that running for anything? Responsible people make copies and get proof of payment. I suppose since he is a democrat they do not care to be responsible with money so it was no big deal to track his payment, kinda like Obumble walking out on a lunch yesterday without paying...

Jayhawk1958 5 years ago

Yea, that's it. Blame the victim like all Redumblicans do.

Geiiga 5 years ago

It was all at the last minute, because the Republican legislature failed miserably at both of the two things they needed to do this year. They failed to produce any legislative maps, requiring the federal judiciary to draw them (which is okay by me, because they delivered much better maps than the clearly incompetent Republican State Legislature considered). The maps were finished at 9:30 Thursday night with a noon Friday filing deadline, which Kobach refused to extend because he's not very good at his job.

tomatogrower 5 years ago

DD, has a short term memory problem, and a problem with facts. Don't confuse his little brain.

JayhawkFan1985 5 years ago

Mistaken facts. Angry. Typical reaction from a far right wing nut.

LogicMan 5 years ago

If cash, did he get a receipt?

JoCoTiger 5 years ago

When Kobach was chair of the Kansas Republican Party, he screwed up their record keeping horribly. The guy is a complete f.u. I bet, as a kid, he continually lost his homework.

JoCoTiger 5 years ago

When Kobach was chair of the Kansas Republican Party, he screwed up their record keeping horribly. The guy is a complete f.u. I bet, as a kid, he continually lost his homework.

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

Yes, I recall the mess that Kobach left behind as Chair of the Kansas GOP. He has a history of being too busy writing laws for other states and not paying attention to his own job.

booyalab 5 years ago

The government sucks, let's give them more money.

blindrabbit 5 years ago

We got Kobach with the electorate knowing full well what they were getting. It is obvious that the tea-bag, bible-thumping, repressive wanting right wingnuts wanted him; what gets me is why the moderate Republicans vored him in. In the past people were will to switch to a candidate of another party when their own candidate was the poorer choice.

rgh 5 years ago

I don't like Kobash but even I don't think he could have stooped to something that low. If it's ever proven differently then he should never be able to run for another office, ever!

Jayhawk1958 5 years ago

Wow. The Kansas Forces of Evil-Brownback, Kobach, Schmidt etc. will not stop at anything to control power.

Jimo 5 years ago

Maybe the half-time Secretary can resign so we can get a full-time man on the job?

What's Kobach's schedule on this day when his incompetence is AGAIN revealed? Why, chasing after cameras on national television! (And not about Kansas, either.)

blindrabbit 5 years ago

Mac: Probably more correct the first time! I dealings with Kobach "singed" is probably more accurate than "signed".

pace 5 years ago

Kobach should adult up. First, try not to make a mistake. Second if you do make one, own up and fix it. Stand up. Knee jerk denials are for 3 year olds.

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