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Objections filed to candidacies

June 13, 2012


— Two objections to legislative candidacies have been filed so far, according to the Kansas Secretary of State's office.

Travis Couture-Lovelady of Palco has filed an objection to the candidacy of Lawrence Reichert of Hays. Both are Republicans running in the Aug. 7 primary for the nomination in the 110th House District.

William Scott Hesse has filed an objection to the candidacy of Shanti Gandhi in the 52nd House District race in Topeka. Hesse and Gandhi are Republicans.

Both objections deal with residency requirements. The State Objections Board will hold a hearing on the objections on Tuesday.

The deadline to file an objection to a candidacy is at the close of business Thursday.

Several candidates found themselves in different districts last week when a panel of three federal judges re-drew political boundaries after the Legislature failed to accomplish the task.


hyperinflate 6 years ago

Zing! It's almost worth defining a new political term, to be "TerriLois'ed". But then again, probably not. Here's hoping that her name passes into oblivion after next election. Teabagging is so 2010.

mycatsrightorwrong 6 years ago

Actually Gandhi is considered by many to have been a libertarian ( probably not the same kind as the crazies running our state, tho. Sorry, couldn't resist being a smarta**.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

Who advised these republicans to object?

It is my thinking that a candidate ought to be a homeowner in the district or have resided in a rental property for at least 3-5 years.

mycatsrightorwrong 6 years ago

I know Shanti Gandhi (he's a man btw). The fact that he lives within the 52nd district is uncontestable; he's lived there over a decade, and been a doctor in the US for over 40 years ( The only thing I can figure is that since Hesse is a Kobach appointee, he's trying to imply that because his skin color isn't white, his citizenship is suspect.

Hesse must be a complete doosh. At the very least he is a racist, at the worst he's playing on peoples most base instincts to get votes. He should be ashamed and I hope Mr. Gandhi destroys him in the primary. I don't know that either has a rational political ideology, but at least one of them has maintained his integrity 1 week into the race.

Grump 6 years ago

Hesse isn't Kobach appointee. What evidence do you have that he's even close to Kobach? You've got no idea who he is or his political philosophy. He's certainly no racist. You are making a knee-jerk assumption that just because someone challenges someone with an ethnic sounding name, the challenger must be based on racist. You are the one stereotyping here.

mycatsrightorwrong 6 years ago

I don't really care what his political philosophy is, because I know he's an a**hole. Shanti's lived in the same house forever (again, easily in 52nd district), and Scott "KKK" Hesse is challenging his residency? Explain that bud. I'm not making a knee-jerk assumption or stereotyping, I'm making the only logical conclusion I can based on what I know.

Grump 6 years ago

You don't know the technical basis of Hesse's objection. You obviously know nothing about Hesse, and are trashing him just because you apparently like Shanti. There is no logic to your rant.

Explain your accusation that he's a Kobach appointee. Explain your accusation that he's close to Kobach.

I you know so much about Hesse, tell me where he's worked?

Grump 6 years ago

Yes, that's one. But the point is mycatsrightorwrong does not know what he's talking about.

mycatsrightorwrong 6 years ago

  1. I am from the 52nd, and asked a friend who Hesse was after I learned he filed on Friday. He said he was connected to Kobach, but I have no personal knowledge of the relationship, or his ideology. I've seen his resume: What matters is what I can infer from his actions, which I'll list below.

  2. Shanti has lived in the same place for many years, and his residence couldn't possibly be contested on a "technicality". He's also 1 of the few minorities running for a house seat, and 1 of 2 who's having his "residency" contested. Considering his long-time residence, thats a hell of a conincidence. If you'd like to propose your own theory Grump, have at it. My guess is its convenient for you not to make a very rational inference.

  3. If Mr. Hesse produces a valid reason for his contestation Tuesday, I will admit fault on this page. If I'm right, and he doesn't have one, I will go door to door in the 52nd and let them know the kind of man Hesse is. As a person who's heard "where are you really from" way too often, this sort of "just throwing it out there" racism deserves punished, and I intend to do so.

Grump 6 years ago

Hesse is not connected to Kobach.

mycatsrightorwrong 6 years ago

Thnx for the article, you've proven my point. "I'm trying to prevent election fraud" = euphimistic phrase meaning he's trying to prevent minority political participation. Sounds just like kobach. Hesse didn't contest the white candidates, & they've lived in topeka for less time than Shanti. Now I have no doubt he's a racist pig.

optimist 6 years ago

I have no idea what the basis is for either of these objections. Your first thought is race. Do you have a basis other than it's coming from a Republican and all Republicans are racist?

mycatsrightorwrong 6 years ago

I know Hesse is close to Kobach, I know Shanti's lived in Topeka for decades, and I know his house is squarely within the 52nd district. I don't think Republicans are racist, but I do think Kobach is (or at least knows how to exploit racism for his own gain). If I offended you, I'm sorry, but I think its a fair assumption based on the evidence.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

Looks like Brownback's hatchet man came out swinging; right at a seventeen year old girl. One of the candidate's that filed last Monday has a step daughter. Her father is dead and he has raised her as his own but she has a different last name from his. They follow each other on Twitter and because of the multiple "I love you's" and pics together, etc, Brownie's man jumped to the nastiest of conclusions and called her his "Teenage Lover". What is it with Brownback attacking teenagers?

Pastor_Bedtime 6 years ago

Wow! Disgusting. Brownback, you're known by the company you keep.

pace 6 years ago

Kobach is just thrilled with the results of him failing to do his job and then failing to extend the filing time. He should resign.

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