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Lawrence doesn’t plan to buy more road salt

June 11, 2012


Increased salt purchases aren’t on the menu for most Douglas County governments.

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Across the country, some cities are already stockpiling winterizing salt

Public Works officials at both the city of Lawrence and Douglas County said they have not seen a drop in salt prices from their suppliers.

Mark Thiel, assistant director of public works for the city of Lawrence, said his department currently did not plan to buy any additional salt for the upcoming winter. The city used only 750 tons of salt last winter, down from an average of about 3,500 tons. The mild winter has left the city with about 5,000 tons of salt in reserve.

“We have a contract price locked in, so we can buy some later in the year if we need to,” Thiel said.

Douglas County reduced its purchase of salt from 2,000 tons to 1,500 tons to prepare for the upcoming winter, said Doug Stephens, operations division manager for Douglas County Public Works. Stephens said that still will leave the county’s salt stockpile about 1,000 tons larger than normal.

Thiel said he was not surprised salt companies weren’t offering large discounts on salt prices.

“If there isn’t the demand for it, they just stop mining it,” Thiel said. “Salt really doesn’t have a shelf-life. It has been in the ground for millions of years.”


blindrabbit 6 years ago

I have decided to contribute to the issue of the City buying additional salt for the coming winter season. Although I do not have an issue with high blood pressure, my doctor advises me to cut-back on my salt intake; this will be tough to do, as salt makes food taste better. But I will sacrifice, and will be taking a 1 pound container of Morton's to the City Roads Department for their use; just not sure if they want plain or iodized! Remember, "When it Rains, it Pours", but we can't seem to be getting any rain.

Ragingbear 6 years ago

Oh boy! Just use sand so bikers, motorcyclist and others can play slip N' Slide on the city roads this coming spring. Let us not forget that sand along doesn't work worth squat, but that won't stop them from sanding, then salting then plowing then sanding again in that order.

We demand bouncing followed by more bouncing followed by bouncing of the third type.

eotw33 6 years ago

I woke up this morning, windows opens, to a beautiful and sunny 74 degree day. Got out of bed, stretched, looked out said window, and thought to myself ,"Man!, I sure hope the city has enough salt in 6 months...". Thankfully, I have the Lawrence Journal World though! I knew I could count on the LJ World to provide me with the most breaking, important, and relative news to get me through my day worry free.

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