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Fix-It Chick: Remove a T-post 3 ways

June 11, 2012


Metal T-posts are by far the easiest way to install a fence, but removing the post can be problematic.

T-posts get their name from two winged edges located at the base of the post, forming an upside down T. Once driven in to the ground, the T portion keeps the post from twisting or toppling over, but the T also makes it nearly impossible to pull the posts out by hand. The right tools and a little leverage will make pulling T-posts an easier proposition.

Option 1

  • Position a fence post puller next to the T-post to be removed.
  • With the post puller arm end up, latch the puller’s hook beneath one of the nodules on the T-post.
  • Push the puller arm down slowly and allow the leverage action to do the work.
  • Raise the arm of the puller again, reposition the hook below another nodule and push the arm down again. Continue the process until the T portion of the post breaks free from the ground.

Option 2

  • If you lack a T-post puller, the same leverage action can be created with a brick and a pry bar. Set the brick near the T post to be removed.
  • Lay the pry bar across the brick and position the flat end of the pry bar beneath the lowest nodule on the T-post.
  • With the brick as the fulcrum, push down on the far end of the pry bar and allow the T-post to move up out of the ground a few inches.
  • Reposition the pry bar and continue to leverage the T-post out of the ground a few inches at a time until the T portion of the post is above ground level.

Option 3

  • For those unhappy moments when tools are not an option, elbow grease and a good supply of water can also get a T-post up and out of the ground. Begin by rocking the post back and forth to loosen the soil around it.
  • Position a garden hose next to the T-post and allow water to flow freely into the post hole.
  • Continue rocking the T-post back and forth with water flowing into the post hole. Pull up on the post periodically until the T portion of the post breaks free from the ground.

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