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100 years ago: Early version of fireworks ban to go into effect after the Fourth

June 11, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 11, 1912:

  • "The city school buildings will soon be given their annual repairs. The committee on school houses and school property has looked over all of the buildings and last night made its report to the board. This was adopted and the work found necessary will be done soon. Several of the buildings were found to need a little painting while there is plastering to be repaired in practically every one. Desks that are becoming dilapidated will be repaired and bad places in the floors will be fixed. Central School and the high school are to receive coats of paint on the exterior woodwork and the interior is to be re-finished. The furnace in Woodlawn school is to be fixed so as to improve the conditions that existed there last year. The furnace gave very poor satisfaction last year but the committee reports that this can be improved at a very small expense."
  • "The 'Sane Fourth' ordinance is passed but it will not go into effect this year. The city fathers last night took up the matter of an ordinance regulating the kind of joy makers that may be used on the Fourth of July and finally passed such a measure but added to it a clause that provides that it shall not take effect until July 10, 1912. This provision is made so that dealers who have stocks of the outlawed goods on hand may dispose of them this year, but will not secure new supplies for next season. However, this is not a signal for the wholesale disposal of blank cartridge pistols, cannon crackers, and toy cannons, according to Mayor Bishop. He stated last night that if he learns of any merchant who is taking advantage of the leniency of the council by loading up on these goods he will immediately call a special session of the council and ask that body to amend the ordinance so that it shall go into effect at once. The ordinance prohibits the sale of firecrackers or cannon crackers more than five inches in length, percussion canes, blank cartridge pistols, and toy cannons in which black powder is used."
  • "Another proposition that took considerable time was that of paving the south end of Massachusetts street. The resolution as finally passed provides for the grading, curbing and paving of Massachusetts street from Banks street to Pawnee avenue, Breezedale; the street to be forty feet wide."


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