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Kobach fears new maps will cause Kansas voter confusion

June 8, 2012


— Secretary of State Kris Kobach worries that a federal court ruling setting new political boundaries for Kansas will confuse voters.

Kobach said Friday that the districts drawn by three federal judges for state House and state Senate districts are more disruptive than he would have liked.

The judges ruled late Thursday in a lawsuit filed over the Legislature's failure to reset political boundaries to account for population changes over the past decade.

The secretary of state was a defendant in the lawsuit. He said he's glad the judges ruled this week because Kansas elections can proceed on schedule.

But he noted that the new lines for legislative districts are so different from the previous ones that many voters are likely to be confused.


thinkagain 6 years ago

More confusion that the new voter registration laws? Kobach must be confused.

Hooligan_016 6 years ago

Lines look fairly straight for the most part. Isn't it his Department's job to begin the PR message in the likely areas voters might be confused?

Also, I don't know which would be more confusing to the voters, new boundaries or him trying to push through voterID laws earlier.

roadrunner 6 years ago

Yeah. I'm an idiot! And I'm so dazed and confused!!! Dumb people can't figure out how to read a map!! Kobach is such a moron.

bad_dog 6 years ago

If Kobach "fears" it, it must be a good thing.

Ken Lassman 6 years ago

And putting east Lawrence in Western Kansas wasn't confusing? Give me a break. If the legislature had done its job in the first place, we would have had a couple of extra months to wrap our apparently tiny minds around these changes. Kobach sure has a low opinion about Kansans' ability to learn and adapt.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

"Kobach sure has a low opinion about Kansans' ability to learn and adapt."

Well, he knows that they voted for him. . . . .

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

"Kobach fears new maps will cause Kansas voter confusion" BS! Let me reword that for you, Mr. Kobach. "Kobach fears new maps will cause Kansas Democrats to win more seats."

somedude20 6 years ago

Don't worry Kris, you and your peeps still have a few other safety nets that will give you the desired election outcomes that you want

KEITHMILES05 6 years ago

He's such a SSOS. He just needs to administrate the ruling and get on with his life.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

Excuse me, Sir, but does that SSOS stand for sorry, silly, ossified sturgeon? Just wondering. Never saw it before. Thanks!

DanR 6 years ago

sorry sack of s... omething?

tomatogrower 6 years ago

At least we know what he thinks of the intelligence of Kansas voters. Of course, it won't be a problem in some areas. They just mark the R box. But for those of us who really care who represents us, we will do the research, Mr. Kobach. I know you think those of us who went to public school, unlike you rich private school people, can't read, but we really can.

Ribs61 6 years ago

Kobach thinks the new maps will confuse voters. He obviously does not think Ks voters are very intelligent. Given the recent voting record; Brownback, Kobach, Jenkins, it is hard to argue with him.

Laura Wilson 6 years ago

Yeah, well the one that gerrymandered Lawrence down the middle years ago confused me too. At last we're whole!

Tracy Rogers 6 years ago

Well maybe the legislators should have done their jobs and got it done themselves.

zzgoeb 6 years ago

When does the recall drive begin? This guy is out of whack, and needs to go!!!

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