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25 years ago: House’s condition brings neighborhood complaints

June 7, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 7, 1987:

Inspectors representing the Lawrence fire marshal and the city building inspectors visited a house at 1144 Louisiana Street today after an earlier visit, spurred by a neighbor's complaint, had revealed possible code violations. The large house, originally built for a single family, now contained 12 apartments, with a total of between 10 and 15 tenants in the structure. Weeds, trash, old tires, and a discarded stove were littered about the lawn, with pieces of broken glass on the house's south side. "If I had the money to put into it, I'd fix it up," said the house's co-owner, Jo Ann Qandil. An inspection of one of the apartments revealed no fire extinguisher or smoke detector as well as numerous electrical violations. Quandil disagreed with the assessment of neighbors that the house had deteriorated beyond repair. "I don't think it's in a condition of no return at all," she said. "It's probably more solid than any house up there, even the new ones . . . I don't see any reason to pull it down." She placed some of the blame for the house's condition on her tenants whom she said were usually low-income non-students. "We've got some rough tenants up there every once in a while and it's very hard to screen them out sometimes. Once they're there, they're hard to get rid of."


LadyJ 5 years, 10 months ago

Sure looks a lot different now according to Google streetside view, wow.

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