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Kansas awaits word on NCLB waiver

June 6, 2012


— Kansas is awaiting final word on a request submitted to the U.S. Department of Education for a waiver from the No Child Left Behind law.

The state submitted its 216-page application in February and has been negotiating with federal officials to use an alternative method for measuring school and student achievement. Kansas was one of 26 states to apply in the most recent round of waiver requests.

Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker says Wednesday that more discussions are expected later in the week but it is likely the state's application will be denied.

The waiver has been the subject of questioning during a school finance trial under way in Topeka, where an attorney suggested waiver approval was almost certain.


bigpimpin 1 year, 10 months ago

Doubtful. Other states are experiencing the same things--budget cuts and lawsuits--the Waiver process has nothing to do with any of that and everything to do with states coming up with their own plans on how to address the most struggling schools in the state--so called "Focus" and "Priority" schools. This is all on Kansas. There is a sense from DC that states need authority returned to them, they need the flexibility to implement interventions they see as best fits. This is in stark contrast to the federal one-size-fits-all intervention approach that NCLB mandated. Nice work, President Obama. Returning power to states. Letting states decide what interventions they see as most appropriate based on the needs of their students. Only problem is that before NCLB, states had the power...and we see where that got us.

As for a Waiver being denied: Round 1 had one states (of 11 applicants) not be approved (New Mexico). After about 2 weeks they were subsequently approved. This is a slam dunk for any state that's been paying attention. Just wonder where the $$$ is going to come from to pay for the new interventions? New flexibility with Title I funds (appropriate uses expanded, set-aside requirements eased?)? Or maybe Title I carryover money from 2011?


Carol Bowen 1 year, 10 months ago

The request will probably be denied because of the state budget cuts in education and ongoing lawsuits.


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