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40 years ago: Is ‘Ms.’ a mistake? Lawrence residents sound off on new form of address

June 4, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 4, 1972:

Lawrence women were being asked their opinion on the new "Ms." title. Lena Wulfkuhle said she would give it a try: "It's the new way -- I might just as well be modern." For years she had been called either by her first name or by "Miss," she added. "It sounds all right to me. I'm for anything new." Some other residents, male and female, polled on the street had never heard of the new form of address which was gaining in popularity due partly to the fact that it did not indicate marital status. "It's ridiculous because it's always been Miss or Mrs.," was the opinion of Patrolman George Temple. "That's the way society is geared now and I think it's ridiculous to get everybody upset and complicating matters just for the opinion of a few." Diana Freeman disagreed, saying that although she preferred to stay with the traditional "Mrs." for now, she would not rule out the possibility of switching in the future. "It identifies the woman as herself, other than part of her husband -- a shadow of her husband," she explained.


pace 5 years, 11 months ago

I have away been in the minority of wishing the use M could be an option. Always people make a point of what to use for formal address or salutation. I would choose M. because gender should not be the great division. If I write a letter to the mayor and should they respond, why differentiate the deference of gender.
M. Pace

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