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100 years ago: Topeka paper claims Lawrence a ‘Typhoid Town’

June 3, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 3, 1912:

  • "Doubtless more or less needless alarm will be felt over Kansas by parents having children attending school in Lawrence, after reading the article in Sunday's Topeka Capital headed 'Lawrence a Typhoid Town.' The story in the Capital was founded upon a misunderstanding of the reports on water analysis recently made by the University. These analyses are being made as precautionary measures to prevent typhoid during the summer months, but at the present time and for a month past there has not been a case of typhoid in Lawrence.... No city in Kansas gives greater attention to sanitation than Lawrence. During the past year many thousand dollars have been spent in putting in the great storm sewer leading from McCook field to the river, and similar sewers have been placed in other parts of town. Not only this but many wells have been sealed because their water was found to be impure."
  • "The motion picture men and their machine arrived in Lawrence this morning and with ideal weather conditions prevailing began preparations for the photographing of the city. The reel of film was slow in arriving and for a while it was feared that the plans would be very much interfered with, but before the hour of beginning the work the film was on hand.... At noon [tomorrow] there will be the photographing of Massachusetts street. Elaborate plans are being made for displaying the street at its best. A mammoth parade of citizens on foot and in carriages and autos is to be put in. The time has been set for from 12:20 to 1 o'clock and an effort is being made to crowd the street during this time."


Tyson Travis 5 years, 11 months ago

100 years ago, Topeka called Lawrence 'Typhoid Town.' Now, we call their great-grandchildren 'Gangsta Town.' The fun continues! Glad they made that movie, wish it had been copied onto a more permanent medium so we could see it today.

FlintlockRifle 5 years, 11 months ago

Jazzttt, you were to kind in your wording of the "berg" west of Lawrence's Town

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