More county races to be contested than usual

In a reversal of recent trends, the majority of contested races in Douglas County this year will be at the township level.

Friday was the filing deadline for township and county positions.

Candidates running for offices in county

Here’s a list of candidates who have filed for local office:

District Attorney

Charles Branson (Lawrence, Democrat)

County commissioner, 2nd District

Nancy Thellman (Lawrence, Democrat)

Frank A. Male (Eudora, Republican)

County commissioner, 3rd District

James E. Flory (Lawrence, Republican)

County Clerk

Jameson (Jamie) Shew (Lawrence, Democrat)

Register of deeds

Kay Pesnell (Eudora, Democrat)


Paula Gilchrist (Lawrence, Democrat)


Kenneth McGovern (Lawrence, Republican)

Clinton Township Trustee

Loren D. Baldwin (Republican)

Clinton Township Treasurer

Joe Lieber (Republican)

Eudora Township Trustee

No one officially declared

Eudora Township Treasurer

Glen Grosdidier (Republican)

Grant Township Trustee

Richard Bireta (Republican)

Grant Township


Barbara Higgins-Dover (Democrat)

Kanwaka Township Trustee

David A. Wulfkuhle (Democrat)

Kanwaka Township Treasurer

Martin Johnston (Republican)

Lecompton Township Trustee

Jay Robertson (Republican)

Doug Wingfield (Republican)

Ed Daniels (Republican)

Lecompton Township Treasurer

William J. Maxwell (Democrat)

Lori A. Wilkins (Republican)

Marion Township Trustee

Larry “Butch” Gilliam (Democrat)

Joseph Todd Goodyear (Republican)

Marion Township Treasurer

Bernie R. Faust (Republican)

James E. Jolly (Democrat)

Palmyra Township Trustee

Sandra Elliott (Republican)

Rex Hagerman (Republican)

Palmyra Township Treasurer

Kimberly Gilbert (Republican)

David J. Cavender (Republican)

John Vesecky (Republican)

Slade Dillon (Libertarian)

Wakarusa Township Trustee

Stephen R. Brown (Republican)

Charles Taylor (Republican)

Wakarusa Township Treasurer

Ronald Rice (Republican)

Willow Springs

Township Trustee

Charles Wintermantel (Republican)

West Springs

Township Treasurer

Suzanne Evinger (Republican)

Just one race on the county level developed. Eudora Republican Frank Male is running against Lawrence Democratic incumbent Nancy Thellman for the 2nd District County Commission seat.

Incumbents are running uncontested for the 3rd District County Commission seat, county clerk, register of deeds, county treasurer and county sheriff races. Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson, who has served two terms as the county’s top prosecutor, is also running uncontested.

But more races are contested in the townships. And that’s surprising to County Clerk Jamie Shew.

“Since I have been here there has not been that much activity,” Shew said. “And it is spread throughout the county.”

Just one township position, Eudora Township Trustee, had no one filing to run for office. In a situation where no one files, a candidate is selected through write-in votes.