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Former Jefferson County commissioner to challenge Sheriff Herrig in August Republican primary

June 1, 2012


A former Jefferson County commissioner will challenge Sheriff Jeff Herrig in the August Republican primary.

David Christy of Meriden, who served as a commissioner from 2005 to 2009 before he was defeated in a 2008 primary, filed to run against Herrig. Herrig, of Valley Falls, in 2008 took over for longtime Sheriff Roy Dunnaway when he retired.

Christy is a retired agent with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

According to the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office, Republicans Kyle G. Brown of Grantville and Wayne Ledbetter of Perry will also square off in the Aug. 7 primary election for the County Commission 2nd district seat because Dunnaway, who has served as a county commissioner since retiring as sheriff, did not file for re-election.

The other remaining incumbent county officials, all Republicans, do not have opponents. They are 3rd district Commissioner Richard Malm; County Clerk Linda M. Buttron; Treasurer Mary F. Underwood; Register of Deeds Delia Heston; and, County Attorney Jason Belveal.


averyconcernedcitizen 5 years, 11 months ago

Wayne Ledbetter is a good man who I have known for years and would do his best to serve the best interests of the citizens up in Jefferson County. I wish him well in his campaign. I can't believe Christy would try and run for office again with all the shenanigans he has been invovled in over the years. Scary stuff for the all the citizens up there if he would get in. Don'tknow anything about this Brown Fella.

Travis Oliver 5 years, 11 months ago

Dave Christy is not qualified to hold any elected office. He is a nut job and has no ethics.

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

The words out, Christy is finally running for Sheriff. I've known him for quite sometime and have had the pleasure of working with him. He is the real deal. It is easy for people to say they don't like him as he doesn't mince words. He calls a spade a spade and a lot of people don't like to hear the truth. He is not a slacker or a user of the system. Jefferson County will finally get their moneys worth if they hire him. Wish he could run for Sheriff in Shawnee County.

lostmoney 5 years, 11 months ago

If Christy is such "The Real Deal" why has he helped and supported his best friend Scott Becker who is a convcted Felon? Let me remind you who Scott Becker is, he is "The Real Deal" who stolen millions of dollars from the hard working citizens of Jefferson County. Now that is what I call A Spade a Spade! . Let me remind you again Scott Becker is a CONVICTED FELON who stole Millions of dollars from the hard working citizens of JEFFERSON COUNTY KANSAS. Do you really want someone like that as SHERIFF of Jefferson County Kansas?

David Christy 5 years, 11 months ago

My privacy settings on this blog have not been updated by LJW at this posting time. This is David Christy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to this issue. First of all, I would like to address the facts. Mr. Becker, did not “steal millions of dollars from hard working citizens of Jefferson County, Kansas”. In fact, Countyside Bank (Meriden State Bank) was a family owned bank with no stockholders. Which means, when money was taken from the bank, he was actually stealing from himself and his family; not the citizens of this county or any other county. The Federal Government alleged for years that Becker had embezzled millions of dollars. After a thorough investigation and during the subsequent trial, the Federal Government's own accountant finally admitted that there was only $128,000 unaccounted for from the bank and that the bank was not in peril. Although there were no victims, other than the Becker family, Becker himself did violate Regulation O of the FDIC regulations by doing business with his own bank. He used his own construction company to build a satellite bank in Topeka with funds from his bank. Because no citizens were victimized by Becker doing business with his own bank, the FDIC chose not to purse the matter any further following Becker's removal as President. Marietta Parker, the Assistant US Attorney out of Wichita actually declined to prosecute this case. However, due to personal vendettas, the US Attorney's Office in Topeka was convinced to pursue Becker's prosecution. These are just a few of the facts surrounding this issue. Everyone should remember that your local newspapers do not always choose to write the whole truth as the whole truth doesn't always sell newspapers. The truth can be available to anyone in black and white but 9 times out of 10 the allegations are more interesting so that is what is printed. **To properly respond I needed more character space than allowed. I have posted a second post to complete my response. (Continued)

David Christy 5 years, 11 months ago

(Continued from previous post due to character space limitations) Yes it is true that Scott Becker and I are friends, however I do not, nor will I ever condone what was done. Put this in perspective, if a friend of yours took money from his family when he shouldn't have, without your knowledge, would that make you a party to that action (crime) or make you dishonest, as well. Doesn't a person who values friendship have some responsibilities associated with that relationship? Are you the type of person that would abandon your good friend's family at their time of need? I have more loyalty than that and so do many of his friends. Among those 200 or so people that also called him friend you will find the names of Jefferson County Sheriff's Officers.
My involvement in the matter began when Becker's wife (whom I had known many years before him, when she was married to another agent with the KBI) contacted me and asked for assists in reviewing some documents involved in the Becker case. At which time, we discovered that the US Attorney's Office had violated federal law when they filled a lis pendens on substitute property prior to any conviction. That means that the government illegally tied up all the cash and property in her possession which in turn denied her the right to hire an attorney of their choosing to defend him. Without having access to any of their assets Becker had to settle with being appointed a public defender. His wife was forced to cash in her retirement to hire an attorney to challenge the US Attorney's Office's illegal actions. It took a long time and it was too late but she won the case through the appellate court of the 10th Judicial District. J_Allen is right. I am the type of person that will call a spade a spade and that infuriates people. I worked for over 30 years in law enforcement and with the judicial system. I worked four years as a County Commissioner. I have never shied away from the truth or failed to stand up for those who are being mistreated by the system. I've done that for other people in this county and I will do that for you, whether I am your friend or not. What is important is the truth. Please be sure you know the facts before you make allegations that are not true. If there is any interest in my involvement or you have any other questions or concerns I welcome the opportunity to discuss it in person. Please contact me by leaving your name and telephone number on my e-mail and I will contact you. David Christy.

averyconcernedcitizen 5 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Christy, Thank you for addressing these issues here. I too will address them here so that everyone who has an interest can be informed. I find many of your statements interesting to say the least. You speak of Becker's "trial" yet every article I read in the Capital Journal and everywhere else state that he and his wife both took plea deals. To me this is a significant difference. You state the Government's own accountant stated he could find "only $128.000.00" unaccounted for yet all the articles I have read list the figure well over $1,000,000.00. What would be the threshhold for a significant theft, $129.000? This is more than I ever made during any three years before I retired. You state that Becker stole from himself and his family and no citizens were vicitmized. Are his family not citizens? Was all the manpower and tax dollars utilized to investigate and prosecute these crimes not paid for by citizens of Jefferson and every other county? I have heard of others in Jeff County who were victimized by Becker and his banking but do not have specifics so will not comment further. You state that due to personal vendettas, the US Attorney's Office in Topeka was convinced to pursue Becker's prosecution. I am curious who would have that much influence over a US Attorney's Office and if this were true shouldn't an investigation be launched into this as surely using personal influence to effect a criminal prosecution would be a prosecutable offense wouldn't it? You state that your involvement began when Mrs. Becker asked you to review some documents. This from what I can tell from the news articles would be long after Becker was removed from his bank and during the time period Becker was committing his second set of crimes by hiding his assets. I have heard and am asking you directly if you ever worked for in any capacity or served as a board member of The Countryside Bank or State Bank of Meriden? If so from when to when? Coming from a 30 year veteran law enforcemnt officer I am sensing a great deal of hostility towards the criminal justice system. If you are as dedicated towards the truth as much as you claim would your talents not be better utilized persuing a legislative position where laws are made to fix these sorts of problems instead of a local position that will have no impact on the broad issues that seem important to you? I never fully believe what I read in the paper as it is rarely more than the basic facts, but my questions come directly from what you wrote. I look forward to hearing your truth.

Travis Oliver 5 years, 11 months ago

Birds of a feather flock together. Christy knew everything Becker was doing. Christy's other best friend Mike Wurm is in prison for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his aunt. The worst thing that could happen to Jefferson county is Christy be elected to anything.

averyconcernedcitizen 5 years, 11 months ago

I assume since Mr. Christy is sending me messages through LJWorld wanting me to call or email that he is not going to repond to the questions I posed after he responded to lostmoney's post. The following is the body of his message to me.

"Jim, I just read your blog and was quite disappointed with what I read. It implies that I have done something illegal, unethical or immoral. I feel that you owe me an explanation and I would like to resolve this, if possible, without getting our lawyers involved. Please contact me. David '

I must admit that I am a little confused as to how Mr. Christy could infer from either of my posts that I was implying that he has done something illegal, unethical, or immoral. Now if somone were to take from my posts the implication that if I lived in Jefferson County I would not be in the least bit interested in having David Christy as my Sheriff, that would be a correct interpretation. Last time I checked here in America we were free to discuss virtues and characteristics of candidates running for elected offices.

Mr. Christy you stated I owe you an explanation. I don't owe you anything as I am not running for elected office as you are. Even though I would not be a constituant of yours it is you who owes me and everyone else who has taken the time to follow this story answers to the questions posed to you.

Finally I am confused as to why we would need to get our lawyers involved. The way I read that is that if I don't contact you in the manner that you directed and explain myself to your satisfaction you are threatening to seek some legal recourse against me. I would have expected a candidate for public office to have done a thorough analysis of their past and be prepared to answer questions about their background, not make threats to those that ask questions or make statements about lawyers. Mr Christy, I wish you well in life, but not in your bid for election.


Avery PS My name is not Jim but I suspect I know to whom you are referring.

neverever12 5 years, 11 months ago

Avery, There are many people who appreciate your comments and agree with you. WE DO NOT WANT CHRISTY TO BE ELECTED TO ANYTHING IN THIS COUNTY!!! I predict he will be defeated soundly. Keep up the good comments.

David Christy 5 years, 11 months ago

I apologize for the delay but I have been out of town. As far as your question reference being on the Board of Meriden State Bank or the Countryside Bank, the answer is, no. I have not ever worked for or been employed by a bank. I have never served as a board member of any bank, anywhere, ever. I have explained my relationship with the Becker family. I have already stated strongly that I do not condone what was done. I am not a best friend with Mike Wurm; I am not even a good friend of Mike Wurms, nor have I ever been.

My disappointment with the justice system is minor in the overall scheme of things. I have been disappointed with the system on and off over the last 30 years. A law enforcement officer who has had as much success in this field as I have can clearly understand my position. This has absolutely nothing to do with my decision to run for Sheriff. I was asked by many citizens of JEFFERSON County to consider getting back into public office because the Sheriff’s Department is badly broken. I had run for Commissioner in 2004 because of corruption. Through the election and with the help of two other commissioners and some very loyal county employees much of that corruption was eliminated or resolved.

I am now focused on addressing the corruption in the Sheriff’s Department although that is not my only objective. If the public knew what I know there would have been a recall of the current sheriff. The Sheriff’s Department that Jefferson County has today is NOT the type of Sheriff’s Department that we had under (Ret.) Sheriff Roy Dunnaway. We need to bring back honesty, integrity and good work ethics. We need to bring back the good public opinion that we used to have.
During my campaign I will be explaining the direction I am heading to resolve the issues in the Sheriff’s Department. Jefferson County has a number of good officers/employees and it is important that we don’t categorize those hard- working, dedicated individuals in with those that are an embarrassment to our community.

Two detectives have already threatened me. One of them stated that it is his intent to “politically assassinate me”. Several of my supporters have already been confronted and harassed by a detective. That same detective told me that “I can say any f* thing about you, whether it is true or not, because you are a political candidate and there isn’t a f* thing you can do about it”. It is obvious to me that they are following through. It is unfortunate that the persons posting comments feel they are unable to use their true identities. If they speak the truth then they should have nothing to hid, especially their names. Here’s my name – David Christy.

justsayin81 5 years, 11 months ago

I would like to start this out with the fact that you "David Christy" have been a Law Enforcement Officer long enough to know the term "guilt by association". I say this referring to the Becker fiasco. Whether you approve of what he did or not, you still supported him, a criminal, after knowing what he did. Period! Good for you for sticking by your good friend, I commend you for that, but don't run for a local small town political office and not expect the general public to be disgusted by whom you've supported. Nothing you say or do will change that. That alone says enough regarding the Becker's.

Next, I will mention that in many ways and in many areas you are probably right regarding the current law enforcement situation here in Jefferson County (although we still need to see the hard evidence proving these acquisitions). It is lacking in a plethora of areas and there is NO backbone, nor standards throughout the department. I also believe you COULD come in and fix the multiple issues you have claimed to know about. You do have some good leadership qualities from what I've witnessed. But, unfortunately, you also have some very poor leadership qualities as well. No one is perfect. With that said, I also think you would create multiple issues yourself by evening your own vendetta's with certain individuals in the county and creating even more enemies and vendetta's along the way. Making those certain individuals lives a living hell just because you have a certain issue with them. A power trip to say the least. If you were elected Sheriff everything would then become, "What David Christy wants, David Christy gets". What Jefferson County needs is the scales to be balanced, not tipped in your favor. If you really like to tell it how it is, than this is how and who you really are; a power hungry, egotistical control freak that can't stand not having supremacy over people that are a threat to you or individuals close to you. In fact, your ego is large enough I wouldn't be surprised if you repeat the words I just uttered to yourself in the mirror each night before bedtime. I don't say this as a joke to be funny; I say this with a straight face knowing 19,000 citizens in Jefferson County already think it.

Do not take these comments as jabs or insults. That is not their intentions. Instead, think extremely hard to yourself and consider that this really may be how many, many county citizens in Jefferson County see you, because they do. And if elected, show them that this is not who you are or even that you have changed. Fix the many issues without holding grudges and without abusing the power. Truly be HONEST and FAIR. Who knows, maybe this is your last chance in your late life to do something really good for a small community and to be fair to all.

justsayin81 5 years, 11 months ago

Also, if you want all the citizens of Jefferson County to believe what you "seem" or "claim" to know about the current Sheriff, where is the evidence to support these claims? The hard core, no BS evidence proving you acquisitions to be true. The documentation proving the Sheriff to be a criminal himself. Where is it? Because the citizens honestly would love to see it. But if you are going off of the "he said, she said" business, then leave it to yourself; we don't want to hear it. There are several stories that I have been told about you Mr. Christy over the years. Some being very unethical. But, I do not and will not bring these stories forward because they are just that, not factual. Stories built off hear-say, which probably have some truth to them. Much like the evidence that you claim would get the Sheriff recalled.

Last but most importantly, you mentioned, "It is unfortunate that the persons posting comments feel they are unable to use their true identities. If they speak the truth then they should have nothing to hide, especially their names." The deal is we are speaking the truth, but no one hopefully is dumb enough to expose their names. Because there is that rats-a$$ chance in hell that you will get elected as Sheriff. And if that happens, than those whose expose their names will be added to vendetta list that I mentioned above. That's how well the citizens of Jefferson County know you Mr. Christy. A former law enforcement bully that knows no other way but your scare tactics that you have always practiced. You proved these tactics true in your email to 'averyconcernedcitizen'. You walk around the county like the offspring of Dick Tracy and Batman with no legal authority doing your so called "private investigations", piling up your "hard evidence" and "lawyering" up every chance you get, just to put the scare into some individuals. That's why no one is exposing their identity Mr. Christy. You can call us cheap, but at least you can't call us stupid. To be honest, I am in no way scared of you physically or mentally. I have a very physical, in depth and detailed background myself. I'm no more afraid you, than I am afraid of unicorns. But, financially I cannot go to the plate and bat against you and your law-dog ways. That's why I am not exposing my identity. If you lose this election, then maybe we will meet to discuss my comments. And if you do win Sheriff Mr. Christy, by all means, PROVE ME WRONG and make me a fool. Because the mockery of our current Sheriff's Department is no secret.

justsayin81 5 years, 11 months ago

Before I go, I want everyone to know that this is MY opinion toward election and on the character of Mr. Christy. I think in a lot of ways he could do good in Jefferson County, but sacrifices would come with that decision. A double-edged sword so to speak. The question is do we stay with the lazy infected Sheriff's department that exist today, or vote in a man to whip the department into shape, but in turn be under the control of a power hungry individual that is truly in it for his own benefit.

To you Mr. Christy, let me say that I honestly do not know who I'm voting for at this point. I am in no way campaigning for Sheriff Herrig. If you can somehow prove to me that you will not take part in any of the issues or complaints I have with you, then maybe my vote will be cast in your direction, along with many others. You should start by being honest to yourself and to the rest of the public and admit your flaws that I have mentioned. Best of luck to you in the election and may God bless you in your journey through this campaign.

P.S. I am no Bill Shakespeare, so I apologize ahead for any errors.

jfcountyman 5 years, 11 months ago

I will start off my post by saying that I have lived in Jefferson County my entire life and still reside there. Next I will say that I am extremely proud to live in Jefferson County and that we have very good county services. I know many employees of the road dept, the ambulance dept, and the sheriffs office. It is no secret that the sheriffs office has its fair share of problems, just like the ambulance dept, the road dept, and every other employer in the world. For Dave Christy to go negative in his campaign from the minute he filed as a candidate says an awful lot about his character.

Mr. Christy states he has had a very successful career as a law enforcement officer, which may be true in his eyes. However, various retired law enforcement officials including former sheriffs, KBI agents, police chiefs, and former KBI director would tell you Mr. Christy would be the last person on earth citizens would want as their sheriff. To say Mr. Christy is beyond arrogant is a gross understatement. Im not sure how to describe a person who is beyond arrogant other than to say its "Dave Christy". Dave Christy is so arrogant he sued the Board of County Commissioners WHILE he was one of three county commissioners!

Mr. Christys campaign consists of handing out a 2 sided sheet of paper stating what is wrong with the sheriffs office and what he would do to correct them. Just so everyone is informed, Numerous items on this flyer appear to be a blatant attempt at smearing the current sheriff and his deputies. If I had to venture a guess I would say he came up with these "flaws" while sitting around his kitchen table talking to his girlfriend, who happens to be the director of Jefferson County 911 (Now thats a department that needs new leadership). In the flyer Mr. Christy states he will stop evidence from being lost/stolen from the evidence room. To accuse officers of stealing evidence without proof is beyond irresponsible for someone running for office. He also accuses officers of viewing "porn"on county computers while on duty. Again, another extreme accusation without providing proof.

(post continued below)

jfcountyman 5 years, 11 months ago

(continued from above)

The only way Mr. Christy knows to campaign for public office is to smear his other candidate with negative lies that he cooked up himself. For example, when Mr. Christy was running for reelection to the Board of County Commissioners he put a full 2 page article in the paper smearing his opponent with negative statements and lies, turns out it didnt work out all that well because he ended up getting his a** handed to him by a real man, former sheriff Roy Dunnaway. In that article he accused Sheriff Dunnaway of being corrupt and essentially running the sheriffs office into the ground. I find it extremely funny that in one of Mr. Christys response posts on this blog he said Sheriff Dunnaway was an honest and respectable man (which he is), however 4 years ago Sheriff Dunnaway was corrupt.

Im done for now, although I could go on for the next 4 hours about why Dave Christy should not be elected sheriff. If anyone is interested in knowing the complete content of his election flyer, let me know and I will gladly type it up and post it on here so you all can see how ridiculous Dave Christy is.

And a question for Mr. Christy. Does anything positive ever come out of your mouth, or were you raised to be an arrogant, negative, self satisfying individual?

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

You stated many interesting observations. Readers must remember that it is easy for Sheriff's Officers who are scared of having to do an honest day of work to write posts to deter your attention from the truth. Not all of the employees of the department feel this way as nearly all of the information provided to you came from within their own ranks and citizens who are disgusted with the activities and lack of service from our current Sheriff's Department. The rest of the information came from facts that were discovered while I was a County Commissioner and are verified by documentation. One of the facts you refer to is the Sheriff's Office indulging in viewing pornography. Not from just one computer, but from many. When the Commission approved the development of policy to prohibit this kind of activity the Sheriff installed an independent internet service so that their activities could not be monitored. The facts are there and documented. The list is long and my facts are true. The department has some very good employees and we must be certain not to include these hard working individuals in these conversations although Sheriff's Officers have included them by forcing their participation. These individuals are scared for their jobs if they don't support the Sheriff. Officers have gone so far as to intimidate many into signing a letter of support. The employees and their families have been told it is my intent to fire most everyone should I be elected. This is absolutely not true. I will be doing some reorganizing of the department for the benefit of the county, not firing . I wish I had more time to write but my schedule simply doesn't allow it. Below is a copy of the handout that is mention above. These are some of the changes I intend to implement if elected. These are positive changes. I am unsure how they can be construed as negative unless these changes are going to negatively affect an officers current work ethic. (I apologize in advance for any typos in the above information.) David Christy

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

It is a privilege to be a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Officer, not a right.

My name is David Christy. Some of you may recognize me as a former Jefferson County Commissioner. I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer with over 30 years of experience at the state and federal level. I retired after 26 years of service with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation as a Senior Special Agent. I have been asked to come out of retirement and run for Sheriff because our current Sheriff’s Administration is badly broken. If chosen to be your Sheriff it will be my mission to protect life and property, deter criminal activity, enforce state and federal laws, while operating a safe and secure detention facility. I will meet this objective by utilizing the highest level of honor, integrity, and commitment. By partnering with the community we will provide a long overdue superior level of Law Enforcement to the citizens of Jefferson County. It is essential that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards and demand nothing less than excellence from ourselves.
As your Sheriff these are some of the changes I will make: • Eliminate the good old boy system. • Reorganize the Sheriff’s Department to increase efficiency and better protect our community. • Using existing personnel, I will implement a special investigative unit to handle the burglaries and drug cases. I will seek task force status from the Attorney General’s Office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation so that these investigators can legally go into surrounding counties to investigate our crime and recover your stolen property. • Change back to a policy of classifying burglaries as violent crimes and assigning detectives to work these cases instead of road deputies. • Develop Standard Operating Procedures requiring officers to properly seize all available evidence and take proper photographs at crime scenes, so that everything is admissible in court. • Standard Operating Procedures will be developed so that victims will not be told by officers that they should recover their own stolen property. Officers will be required to fill out evidence custody receipts for all evidence they collect. All eyewitnesses to crimes that are identified will be interviewed.

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

• Implement a Case Management System that will stop incomplete cases from being submitted for prosecution and will not allow cases to be closed without review. • I will ensure that the investigations are handled without delay, are properly managed and that the victims are kept informed.
• I will meet with each of the city councils on a bi-annual basis and the police chiefs quarterly in a strong effort to ensure a close working relationship. • The Sheriff’s Department will be as proactive as it is reactive with more patrol of our county roads, highways, cities and subdivisions; patrolling our businesses and watching for suspicious vehicles in our neighborhoods instead allowing officers to gather and visit, watch movies, surf the internet, etc. • Sheriff’s Department personnel will stay engaged at all accident scenes until the investigation is complete. They will not leave the scene as soon as an assisting agency arrives.

• Stop the policy of calling road deputies off the road to take walk-in reports at the Law Enforcement Center when detectives and office staff are available. • I will develop policy to prohibit officers from delaying their response, from staging at locations too far away to respond, from turning and driving the opposite direction in an effort to evade calls and prohibit on-call officers from refusing to respond to calls. • Standard Operating Procedures will be developed addressing the attire of all officers. Detectives will not respond to crime scenes or appear in court wearing shorts, sloppy t-shirts and flip flops. • Enforce a Commissioner authorized pay system that is not simply awarded but is based on work performance, ethics, appearance, court performance and public relations. • Implement policies to stop the sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the Sheriff’s Department. • Partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield and the County Health Department to implement a wellness program for Sheriff’s Department personnel. • The jail was once a profitable division of the Sheriff’s Department; with time and planning it can be that again

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

• Eliminate public access and control officer access to the Sheriff Department’s evidence room, to eliminate the problem of missing and stolen evidence. (No more Quail Room gatherings) • I will ensure that the Sheriff’s Department is fully involved in comprehensive county emergency preparedness planning. We will respect and support the Ambulance Service, Emergency Management, Fire Departments and Dispatch by implementing side by side training with each of these departments. • Immediately Stop Wasteful Spending • Vehicles idling for hours when not in use. • Prohibit personal use of departmental vehicles, i.e. to play golf, run children’s errands, use as transportation to personal jobs and to shop at Walmart for groceries, etc. • The purchase of "toys". • Allocate funds so that all vehicles and equipment are properly maintained and serviceable when needed. • Focus funds on necessary items such as, training, bullet proof vests, investigative equipment, working radios, etc. • Save taxpayer dollars by utilizing the existing county internet connection and enforcing Commissioner established internet rules.
• Terminate a secondary internet connection which is used under the pretext of “sensitive information” only to be used to shop, run personal businesses or view pornography, etc.
• Thousands of dollars can be saved by continuing to utilize our current information technology infrastructure and not duplicate equipment and personnel solely for the use of the Sheriff’s Department.

The only way to realize any positive, productive change with Law Enforcement is to vote. The political race for Sheriff will be decided on August 7th at the Republican Primary Election. I know the safety and security of your community is important to you. If you are currently registered as an Independent or Democrat I respectfully urge you to temporarily reregister as a Republican no later than July 17, 2012 and vote on August 7th. This in no way has any effect on your voting ability in the November election. You can simply change back to your previous status at any time after the primary election and prior to October 16, 2012.
Paid for by Christy for Jefferson County Sheriff David Christy - Treasurer

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

Dave thanks for coming over and meeting with all of us this morning and we appreciate your response. To the readers the blog coming in my name and not Dave's may be confusing, please don't let it. After recent blogs we felt it was important that we meet with Dave. After the meeting we felt the facts in the handout were important enough to be sent out as soon as possible.

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

After meeting with Dave and six other current and retired law enforcement officers earlier this morning I think you five so-called Jefferson County Sheriff's Officers have just gone too far. You are all now lowering yourselves to even new lows. I've come to the conclusion that you five are not worried about loosing your jobs you're worried about being indicted and being locked up in your own jail. I'm referring to the one of you that never stops a vehicle that he doesn't find drugs. Hmmmm, what a coincident. How about you who is pocketing money from dopers. And then of course there is the officer that is placing telephone calls to his doper employees/friends to protect them from search warrants. You voters in Jefferson County that are reading this blog, need to rid yourselves of these five cancers and if Christy is willing to step up and do it, then let him. After all he was able to do it as your Commissioner. Your current Sheriff hasn't done anything in the last 6 years because they have so much trash on him that all he can do is run and hid. What makes any of you think it will change if he is reelected. You're confusing arrogance with confidence, experience and good training. Exactly what is needed to clean up your mess.

muchadoaboutnothing 5 years, 11 months ago

Man your right on there J Lewis. I mean have you seen the way those cops working for the Sheriff's Office live. I'm talking high on the hog with all their mansions, yachts, and fancy cars. How the FBI, DEA, and all those other agencies with their fancy letters haven't come in and thrown the whole lot in Federal Prison is a mystery to me. Oh wait a minute that would be ole' Dave's friend that happened to. FACT

There is a reason ole' Dave is a FORMER County Commissioner. He was voted out of office after one short term. That is a FACT. I also like how your friend ole' Dave talks about all of former Sheriff Roy Dunnaway's virtues in his recent post, yet four years ago when he was running against Roy he PAID to place a two plus page political advertisement in the paper that did nothing but slam Roy's record. FACT. ole Dave promised to get the Sheriff's Office into the KP & F retirement system, and then tried to blame his failure on Roy. FACT. Seems to me ole' Dave just likes to say what is convenient at the time.

This would be hilarious if it weren't so damn dangerous to all the citizens of Jeff County.

PS You might ask your PAL ole' Dave exactly what it is he is doing locked up in the 911 director's office (aka his girlfriend) on all those days for all those hours. It sure looks bad to go to your girlfriends office and lock yourself up repeatedley for extended visits with all that CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION about citizens of the county in there. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation.

h_rice 5 years, 11 months ago

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just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years, 11 months ago

Sounds to me that Jeff County would be better off if Barney Fife were on the ballot.

justsayin81 5 years, 11 months ago

I am in no way associated with the current Sheriff’s Department, so disregard anything Mr. Christy says relating, “Readers must remember that it is easy for Sheriff's Officers who are scared of having to do an honest day of work to write posts to deter your attention from the truth.” I have no family, nor would I call anyone a friend that is employed there. I acknowledge the fact that the current department has certain detectives that dress like they just walked off the beach. They also have a few deputies that would find it difficult running down Stevie Wonder in a foot race, through a jungle, laced with tripwires. So do not get me confused with somebody that thinks highly of our current Sheriff’s Department, because I don’t. A change may be needed, but the answer to a much needed change is NOT necessarily Mr. Christy.

As far as these “high crimes” you prolong to bring up about the current department, it will take more than you simply saying, “The list is long and my facts are true”. You have NO facts, just hear-say. Once again, where is the evidence to substantiate these acquisitions? You also stated, “When the Commission approved the development of policy to prohibit this kind of activity the Sheriff installed an independent internet service so that their activities could not be monitored. The facts are there and documented.” The key phrase in this sentence is, “their activities could not be monitored”. Then how is it that the facts are there and documented, and that you know they are viewing pornography? A bit contradicting, to say the least.

You mentioned that your first post under J_Allen was because your “council” found it so urgent the facts are out “as soon as possible”. So urgent that you couldn’t take 10 seconds (literally) to log out as J_Allen, and then log back in as David_Christy? Really, Mr. Christy? Talk about stooping to new lows, what a load of BS! It also makes me wonder what “council” you met with Saturday morning. EX COMM? I’d assume it wasn’t the Jefferson County Republican Committee, considering the rumor you recently lost their support in a vote, 19 to 1.

On a side note, anyone with half a brain knows that David_ Christy, is also J_Allen. Either that, or J_Allen has been responsible for the posting on both of your behalf’s. If that still isn’t the case, than both of you geniuses can’t spell the word hide. It’s H-I-D-E, not H-I-D. I say this not to point out your ignorance, but to prove that you two are the same individual. Considering you spell it H-I-D in a post under David_Christy on the 10th of June, and then under J_Allen you spell it H-I-D on the 16th of June. This is really sad that you have to create another alias on this blog just to boost your own campaign, pathetic.

P.S. Are you seriously your own Treasurer? You’d think of all the friends that “begged” you to run for office, one of them would be willing to fill that vacancy? Hmm, weird? Maybe, Scott Becker? Then you’d never run out of money.

h_rice 5 years, 11 months ago

You want to know my two sense about this're going to hear it anyway!!!! I would assume that everyone making comments in this are adults (18 and above) if not then you shouldn't comment because you can't vote so it doesn't pertain to you. That being said, I can't believe that "adults" would sit down and take time out of there day to type foolishness and nonsense!!! Also there is not a way on this blog to show "real" evidence of wrong doing on anyone's behalf, so cut the nonsense and quit asking for it. If you honestly care that much about it and want it then I'm sure Dave can get it to you and if Dave wants the evidence you all should be able to get it to him. To bad mouth people weather it is on the internet or sitting around with a group of people is so childish and you all need to grow up. If you people want to talk "trash" on each other than be the bigger person and do it to one another's face, quit being immature!!! By the way I don't care if you think my comment is grammatically correct or not!!!

justsayin81 5 years, 11 months ago

First off, thank you.. for your two sense. It is sincerely valued.

Let’s make something clear. I have not, in any of my comments, accused Mr. Christy of anything immoral, unethical or illegal. Although, I have my beliefs to consider such possibilities. So I do not see where you’d say I was “bad mouthing” or even in anyway defaming his character. The only area you could possibly say this, was when I gave my well observed, opinionated description of him in my first post. I can only hope you’re not talking to me. I just don’t sit there like some effortless minded individuals (h_rice) and believe what someone is claiming to be true. As my son would tell me, “Stop drinking the Kool-Aid”. It is your job as an able voter to pay close attention to the attributes of each candidate. Not to receive information like a zombie and believe everything that comes out of someone’s mouth, especially a candidate. They typically will say what is needed to obtain votes, much like the case we are presented with here.

I can’t speak on everyone's behalf. But, I can promise you that if Mr. Christy wouldn’t have responded on this blog, than I wouldn’t be commenting myself. I have a strong feeling a good majority of the others wouldn’t be either. He made this bed; it is now his obligation to lie in it. He brought to our attention a detective (a detective that is obviously an idiot) threatened to “politically assassinate” him. I think he is doing a pretty good job of “politically assassinating” himself, by showing his lack of character, and responding to the public through a FLIPPING BLOG!!! It doesn’t take a political genius to know not to do such a thing. You know what his actions have shown, me? They’ve shown me that for a fact, David Christy, for sure, is a loose cannon. So, lets just go ahead and elect him as Sheriff.

The only “foolishness and nonsense” that has been written here, has come from Mr. Christy’s unsubstantiated acquisitions. ‘h_rice’, you mentioned that, “there is not a way on this blog to show "real" evidence of wrong doing on anyone's behalf”. There may not be a way to show it on here, but there are many other ways of revealing the admissible truth to the public, and Mr. Christy knows of these ways. I am beginning to get the impression, that as Mr. Christy is called on his bluff, he is embarrassed to reveal his hand. And I know why, because he was dealt imaginary cards.

The last thing I will say is I find it quite humorous that you bring up immature and childish activity. I could not help but notice, you are the only individual to have had a comment removed from this blog. It states that you “violated the user agreement” on the 17th, at 3:44 P.M. You and I both know that it takes something quite obscene to have a comment removed. Pot calling the kettle black? I’d think so.

For your information, it takes me about 20 minutes to write a post this long, as it probably takes you 2 hours. So don’t worry, it doesn’t take up too much of my day.

purplesage 5 years, 11 months ago

the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has loing needed to be turned upside down and shaken out. I do not consider it a trustworthy law enforcement agency. The last time somebody challenged the status quo, it was a young man who had been involved in a shooting. Mr. Bledsoe left the county before the election. Things badly need to be changed; I fear Mr. Christy is not the agent of change.

h_rice 5 years, 11 months ago

Laughing out loud!!!! That's all I have to say!!! No need to argue with a blank wall! Also the reason my post was deleted was because my username was sickofthecrap, so if you would like to continue to assume other thoughts, more power to ya buddy!

justsayin81 5 years, 11 months ago

I can't converse with someone as highly educated as yourself. It is obvious that I am nowhere near your level of intelligence. You win.

jfcountyman 5 years, 11 months ago

purplesage did you really just say Mr. Bledsoe challenged the status quo?!? Yes it's true Mr. Bledsoe was involved in a shooting... He murdered his teenage sister in law after sexually molesting her. Why would you bring him up in this blog?

Also, reference j_allen post that was "supposedly" Dave Christy, even though it's obvious j_allen is Dave Christy. I do not work for the sheriffs office nor have I ever worked for the sheriffs office. Bottom line is people, maybe the sheriffs office needs new leadership, maybe not. But David Christy is not the answer. It's scary to think he could be in charge of scary law enforcement.

And for Dave Christy... Could you please give a response as to why 4 years ago you said nothing but negative, degrading, and lies about Sheriff Dunnaway but as of right now you say he is an honest man with high integrity who ran a trustworthy sheriffs office?

LegalEagle2 5 years, 11 months ago

The real issue of the election is whether or not the taxpayers want an effecient, effective and honorable Sheriff's Department that will actually carry out the duties that the officers are sworn to uphold. If you desire to have your tax dollars squandered, burglaries ignored and increasing in unprecedented numbers, and blatant criminal misconduct by the people to whom you pay their wages then, by all means, elect the current sheriff. However, if you want to put a stop to the nonsense then your vote needs to be cast for David Christy. I have worked in law enforcement and the judicial system with Mr. Christy for a great number of years and know him to be extremely honorable and straightforward, with no tolerance for officers who do not perform their law enforcement duties with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Do not let the diversionary tactics of a select few people make you lose sight of the crux of the election; which, is the choice of electing a sheriff that will make the department serve the county for the good of the citizens and not for it's own self-gratification. Mr. Christy will make the department work FOR you and me.

frmrjfcntyres 5 years, 11 months ago

YIKES! That is all that could be said if Mr.Christy is elected. The residence of the county would be so screwed with him as your Sheriff and his girlfriend(head of the 911 dispatch department). Vindictive times two. Just saying.

J_Allen 5 years, 11 months ago

jfcountyman. I don't owe you any explanation, however for the sake of Mr. Christy's reputation; I sent the blog on Saturday morning on behalf of Mr. Christy, in his absence, on my computer, with his permission, after he was called away from the meeting for an emergency.

jfcountyman 5 years, 11 months ago

I don't recall ever saying you owed me an explanation. But thank you for admitting that Dave Christy was not the one replying to posts even though the posts stated it was Dave Christy typing. Doesn't really matter if it was in fact you typing or Dave Christy. The posts would have sounded moronic either way. And as for you trying to protect Daves reputation, don't bother, it's a lost cause.

neverever12 5 years, 11 months ago

If it is so bad in the current Sheriffs office why not bring all the information to the county comissioners and see if charges can be pressed or changes made that way, or maybe the State Attorney General. If you are so good and responsible, Christy, and only care for us poor lowly citizens who would recall the current sheriff if only we knew how rotten he was, why haven't you done your due diligence yet?? How long has Christy set on the information knowing that it is occurring? He appears to be only in it for himself and the election. I do not want him in any county office!! Go away Christy. Read in the Jeff Co. paper that only one door was closed on you. Maybe you should grab your lawyer(s) and go get them for not bowing down to you.

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