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Shawnee County to spend $2.1M on recycling bins

July 31, 2012


— A northeast Kansas county plans to spend nearly $2.1 million to buy 45,000 bins for a curbside recycling program expected to begin next year.

The Shawnee County Commission voted Monday to spend about $46 each for 95-gallon bins from a company with a manufacturing plant in DeSoto. The price includes a $4 per-bin assembly charge.

Shawnee County, which is home to Topeka, plans to begin curbside recycling early next year for all garbage-collection customers, while raising rates by $4 a month. The county plans to make recycling pickups every other week.

Customers who don't want to recycle may opt out, but they must still pay the higher rate.


kalgarin 5 years, 9 months ago

The county workers have not had a raise in 4 YEARS! And the county wants to spend HOW much on recycle bins????? Wouldn't it be smarter to put more bins around the county so people can drop off their recycled items? So that the workers who actually have to empty those bins get paid a decent wage?! Another assinine move by our Capital City.

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