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100 years ago: Serial shoplifter arrested in Lawrence

July 30, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 30, 1912:

  • "The second trip that Clyde Baxter has taken to the county jail during the short space of time that he has been a resident of Lawrence came today. It is alleged that Baxter picked up a number of articles about various stores in Lawrence and carried them home. He seemingly has an uncontrollable mania for such acts as these. Heretofore matrimonial troubles have been besetting this young man, but is now facing a misdemeanor charge and is awaiting his hearing at the County jail. Yesterday afternoon Baxter was arrested and with the aid of a search warrant the officers looked through his rooms where he is staying and a choice collection of articles supposed to have been picked up here and here by the young man was found. It is a motley collection. Small articles, each in itself of little value, but the entire lot amounts to large figures. There are cameras, searchlights, jewelry, electric fans and irons, books, pencils, and various other articles. Baxter also had in his room a large collection of keys. There are keys of every sort and description.... The Baxters, Clyde Baxter and his girlish wife, arrived in Lawrence several months ago after a series of more or less stirring exploits in other cities. The latest having been when the young husband kidnapped his wife from her parents who refused to allow her to accompany her husband. They secured rooms in Lawrence and the young husband entered the summer school at the university. They apparently were happy enough when the storm broke and the young husband spent a day in the county jail and a suit for divorce was filed in the district court by the wife. Then he promised to be good and his wife entered her pleas with his and he was released.... Recently it seems that Baxter has taken a great fancy to kodaking. That evidently was the fatal fancy for the kodak dealers missed their goods and informed the officers of the thefts. Baxter's arrest followed and the discovery of the other articles in his room came next."
  • "Mrs. Ellen Melville died this morning at the age of eighty-six years and six months. The funeral will be held from the home.... For forth-eight years she had lived in Lawrence and during all that time she lived in the one home at 721 Ohio street. Ellen Warren was born in Ireland in 1827 of Irish Protestant parentage and when a little girl came with her parents to Sandusky, Ohio, where she met W. G. Melville and was married. In 1858 Mr. and Mrs. Melville moved to Kansas and settled on a homestead in the old Shawnee reserve south of Eudora. In 1864 Mr. Melville went into business in Lawrence and the family was moved here."
  • "On the shelves of the public library is a collection of new books recently received and just placed on the shelves for distribution. These books cover a wide range of subjects from 'Uncle Remus' stories to German dictionaries. There are stories for young and old and works on various trades and crafts."


whatever95 5 years, 7 months ago

I LOVE the writing 100 years ago "Heretofore matrimonial troubles have been besetting this young man" - Wow!

Maddy Griffin 5 years, 7 months ago

I wonder if he is the grandfather of some of today's "serial shoplifters".

Tony Kisner 5 years, 7 months ago

The crime was much better back then. Vice, lots of vice and petty theft. But no air conditioning.

mitavanam 5 years, 7 months ago

721 Ohio later was the home of the John Calvin Sproull family. Sproulls' son, Ralph David "Lefty" Sproull was star forward and captain of the 1914 KU basketball team.

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