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100 years ago: Mayor brings suspicions to meeting of gas-burning cities

July 26, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 26, 1912:

  • "Lawrence will not take part in a scheme to abolish the use of natural gas for fuel and to conserve the present apparently limited supply for heating purposes. At least Mayor Bishop will not have any part in it. He told the councilmen last night that he intended that Lawrence should burn natural gas as long as it is possible to secure it and that Lawrence will have its share as long as there is gas. Mayor Bishop was present at the council meeting last night having returned from an extended stay in Texas. Mayor Bishop learned upon his return that he had been named as the Lawrence representative to the meeting of gas consuming cities to be held in Kansas City tomorrow. But what the mayor has said about natural gas consumption may not be in keeping with the proposed action of this committee. Mr. Bishop told the council last night that he would attend the meeting and learn what he could about gas affairs but that he was not willing to do anything that would make Lawrence appear ridiculous. He said that he did not believe it possible for the city to make regulations as to how patrons of the gas company should use gas.... Mr. Bishop scented a plot of the cities farther along the gas route to get Lawrence and some other cities nearer the gas fields to cut off the supply to be used as fuel and in this way increase the amount of gas that St. Joe, Atchison and Leavenworth will have to burn. He does not intend that Lawrence shall 'fall for' this scheme."
  • "Colorado is to connect with the Golden Belt of Kansas with the view of making this a great improved highway from Kansas City to Denver. Dr. A. P. Hults this morning received word from the Denver Chamber of Commerce that that city would do its part toward accomplishing this purpose. This means that in a short time the Golden Belt is to be the greatest cross country road in this section of the country."
  • "Horse racing is coming into its own in Lawrence and Douglas County again this year. Not since the old racing days has there been the interest in this sport that is being evidenced this year, and a number of local owners have horses that are running in fast time on the Woodland Park track."


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