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100 years ago: Lawrence hits hottest day of the year so far

July 23, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 23, 1912:

  • "At 2 o'clock this afternoon the University thermometer stood at 97 degrees above the zero, a mark that had not been touched before this summer. Twice before this year it had been at 95 but it jumped a couple of degrees above that today making this the hottest day of the year.... There was every indication this morning that a hot day would result. The air seemed close and the sun beat down with full force on the earth, wilting vegetable life as it had not been wilted before.... Down town thermometers did not agree with the university weather indicator but the K.U. figures stand as official. On the east side of Massachusetts St. this afternoon temperatures from 104 to 108 were recorded. The heat was intense on the street all afternoon and only those who had to, approached the sunny side. The weather man has promised relief for tomorrow in the way of lower temperature and probable showers. It is generally reported from the country that a rain is much needed to aid the growing crops."
  • "The Chautauqua crowd went out to Woodland Park early this afternoon. Many persons went for the regular program, while a number sought seats for the special attraction -- William Jennings Bryan, who will speak about 4:30. There was every indication that an immense crowd would be out. It was originally planned to have him speak in the theatre, but it may be necessary to place him in the band stand so that more people can be accommodated."
  • "Washington -- President Taft's love of the automobiles was appealed to today by Representative Rucker of Colorado who asked the president to issue an executive order to permit motor cars in Yellowstone park and other national play grounds."


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