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Lawrence man arrested for stealing clothes at knife point, burning tent

July 22, 2012


Lawrence police arrested a 22-year-old Lawrence man for aggravated assault and arson after responding to a call at 3:25 a.m. Saturday at 110 N. Mich.

Lawrence police Sgt. Rob Murry said the suspect entered a man’s tent, robbing him of his clothes at knife point. The man then damaged the tent with a knife and set fire to it. The 47-year-old victim went to Lawrence Memorial Hospital to report the incident but was uninjured.


Gotalife 5 years, 9 months ago

I am wondering why the man was inside a tent at this location in the first place? It is illegal to camp in the city of Lawrence.

Kendall Simmons 5 years, 9 months ago

The victim is homeless. The creep who attacked his campsite and him was the drunken, screwed up son of the victim's long-time girlfriend (who was not at the campsite that night. The son hates her, too, by the way. He's one angry young man.)

The creep forced the victim to strip at knifepoint and told him run for his life...which he did. The creep then tore everything apart and set it on fire, so now the victim is not only homeless, but all his possessions have been destroyed.

I talked to the victim today and he's still shaking like a leaf. The whole incident was incredibly frightening. The stress is overwhelming him.

Yeah...I know he's not supposed to be camping by the river. That it's illegal. But I'm more concerned about him at the moment.

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