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25 years ago: City Commission ready to ‘move forward’ on bypass project

July 22, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 22, 1987:

At a recent meeting, most city commissioners agreed that it was time to move forward with planning of the proposed southwest Lawrence bypass. Commissioner Dennis Constance had proposed an eastern alternative to the southern route, and on July 7 city staff had presented the Commission with two reports that said that the proposed southwest route would better meet the city's overall planning goals and was more inexpensive to build as well. Additionally, commissioners had received a report from the Fire Chief saying that the southern route was better from a safety standpoint. Commissioners Constance and Mike Rundle said that they still weren't ready to choose between the two routes, but other commissioners indicated that they were more eager to begin moving forward. "I really think it's time to set a date with the county and proceed with the (southern) project if at all possible," said Commissioner Bob Schumm.


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