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100 years ago: Improvements proposed for Lawrence roads to Oskaloosa, Eudora, Baldwin

July 22, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 22, 1912:

  • "The 'good roads movement' is more than a mere name in Douglas county. It is the real thing. The county commissioners have taken up the question of a system of county highways and there is reason to believe that in a comparatively short time there will be a net-work of well-kept roads connecting Lawrence, Baldwin, Eudora, Clinton and other parts of the county. It is the intention of the commissioners to treat all pars of the county alike in the matter of providing good roads and although it may be a y ear or two before the present plans are fully realized and the roads are fixed, the commissioners are strongly in favor of the proposed improvements and have been planning a system that will make it much easier for farmers to market their crops than it now is.... The exact route of all the roads has not been decided upon, but those that will probably be taken up first are as follows: A road from Lawrence north through Grant township toward Oskaloosa, one east to Eudora, one south to Baldwin, including the old Santa Fe trail, one southwest from Lawrence. The latter would include the stretch of road between Number Six school house and Massachusetts street that the Merchants' Association has already decided to improve."
  • "'Well, if there isn't old Comanche!' was the surprised remark of J. F. Edmonds, of Denver, Colo., as he was shown through the university museum by U.S. C. Plank. 'I knew that horse well,' continued Mr. Edmonds, 'and when I get back home I shall send you his photograph.' Mr. Edmonds was as good as his word and a picture about seven by ten inches in size has been received by Mr. Plank showing the old horse standing with eyes half closed at the outskirts of a military camp. Anyone who has seen the horse as mounted in the museum will recognize it in the picture at once. The picture was loaned, not given however, and it would be well for someone to make a copy of the picture while it is here."


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