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100 years ago: Natural gas in Oklahoma fuels speculation in Lawrence

July 21, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 21, 1912:

"Even though the thermometer is hovering about the hot weather mark there is plenty of discussion right now of heat for this winter and probable fuel supply to furnish this heat. Gas of course is the disturbing element just now and there is much speculation as to the reliability of this fuel for the coming cold weather. The advice given recently by Manager Dunkel urging the patrons of the local company to put in an auxiliary fuel supply has started the discussion anew and people are realizing more than ever that gas is uncertain. Manager Dunkel did not intend his warning as an alarm or as a statement that the gas was short but merely as a friendly bit of advice to people who are now wholly dependent upon this for fuel. It is the intention to avoid suffering in case of a shortage of gas due to either a break in the lines or an exhaustion of the fields.... The reports from Oklahoma of a monster well just struck started a raise in gas stock on the local conversation market this morning. It is rumored that this well is capable of producing 2,000,000 feet of gas a day and if this amount is added to the supply now given the cities along the line of the Kansas Natural it is hoped that the supply can be maintained during the winter. Manager Dunkel said this morning that he did not know just what effect this new well would have n the supply but that he hopes it will develop as expected."

"Five young men of South Coffeyville are in the Nowata county jail, charged with an attempt to hold up the Missouri, Kansas & Texas train south of South Coffeyville one week ago. Counsel for the men says their arrest is the result of a joke. It will be recalled that nine shots of nitroglycerin failed to blow open the express company's strong box. The robbers fled through a thicket and soon there was heard the 'chug-chug' of a motor car. According to the attorney, one of the men arrested jokingly remarked to a companion that if they had had ten shots in place of nine, the safe would have been opened. A detective overheard the words, and the arrest followed. Officers claim the automobile was traced by a patch on one of the tires."


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