40 years ago: Kansas AG raids Amtrak train, confiscates liquor

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 19, 1972:

In a sting operation last night, agents from Atty. Gen. Vern Miller’s office boarded an Amtrak train in Kansas City at 7 p.m. and ordered drinks as the train proceeded toward Newton, Kansas. Miller boarded the train at Newton and assisted in the arrests of a conductor, waiter, and bartender, who were charged with a series of misdemeanors and released on $500 bond each pending a trial in Harvey County on August 8. Confiscated in the raid was a “considerable quantity” of liquor in two-ounce bottles as well as some larger sizes. “We cleaned them out,” Miller said. “It took several men to carry it all out.” Miller had told reporters last week that the sale of alcoholic beverages on trains passing through Kansas had been brought to his attention by the state office of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Last night’s Kansas raid had coincided with a similar event in Oklahoma; both raids had resulted in Amtrak announcing that liquor sales on trains passing through the two states would be suspended pending further court action.