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July 16, 2012


Erik Emmanuel Fenster, 37, San Bruno, Calif., and Diemthao Cao Nguyen, 30, Lawrence.

Dustin Dallam Burr, 38, Lawrence, and Misty Dawn Warren, 37, Lawrence.

Andrew James Martin, 24, Eudora, and Shellsea Tae Cole, 24, Eudora.

Nicholas Rolland Pepe, 28, New York City, and Elizabeth Brier Killough, 29, New York City.

Aaron John Stanley Hoare, 36, Lawrence, and Tsivia Lauren Kay Welliver, 23, Lawrence.

Vick Dennis Smith, 37, Los Angeles, and Heather Elizabeth Grimmer, 43, Los Angeles.

Colin Stewart Delaney, 29, Philadelphia, and Madeline O’Laughlin Rake, 27, Philadelphia.

Andrew David Sampson, 46, Lawrence, and Angela Sydelle Martin, 32, Lawrence.

Kit Carson Grove, 37, Lawrence, and Meghan Elizabeth Sterling, 31, Lawrence.

Connor Dane Harden, 17, Lecompton, and Jessica Paige Klassen, 16, Lecompton.

Jerold Duane Evans, Jr., 25, Lawrence, and Ashley Nicole Aul, 22, Lawrence.

Nathan Paul Hammer, 23, Lawrence, and Betsy Elizabeth Siess, 22, Topeka.

Gregory Wayne Summers, 29, Lawrence, and Megan Elizabeth Halsey, 28, Lawrence.

Chance Montana Smith, 26, Lecompton, and Megan Marie Glotzbach, 23, Lecompton.

Jeffory Douglas Patchen, 40, Baldwin City, and Amy Jo Gill, 40, Baldwin City.

William Parsons Van Reekum, 35, Lawrence, and Surangi Kaushalika Thalgodapitiya, 35, Lawrence.

Dustin John Stuever, 28, Lenexa, and Jessica Rose Hall, 22, Lawrence.

Devon Laurence Flory, 24, Eudora, and Bekon Rose Brown, 25, Eudora.

Charles Fredrick Thompson, 38, Lecompton, and Shanna Jolene Crockett, 30, Lecompton.

Bradley Lavance McGinnis, 52, Lawrence, and Sheila Margaret Hayes, 42, Eudora.


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