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100 years ago: J-W attempts to collect last year’s rural subscription fees

July 14, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 14, 1912:

  • "The loss of the sight of one eye and possibly total blindness is the serious condition of Bush Connelly, as the result of the blowing up of his automobile. The details of the accident have not been received in Lawrence, further than the mere statement that Connelly was about to make a trip with his automobile and it blew up without warning, cutting his face badly and injuring his eye sight so seriously that the loss of one eye seems certain and total blindness may result. Mr. Connelly was well known in Lawrence a few years ago when he was attending the high school and was prominent in athletics.... The accident occurred at Welborn, Kansas, where Mr. Connelly was visiting his mother."
  • "Next week promises to be the real 'busy' one for the Lawrence police department, that is if all of the warrants issued today are served by them. Just exactly 101 complaints against Lawrence residents were drawn up today by the city attorney and warrants issued by the court. The defendants in each one of these cases is the owner of an automobile who it is alleged has neglected to deposit the required $1 license fee with the city clerk.... This fee is due each year on the first of January and is to be paid to the city clerk at his office in the city hall. This year car owners have generally neglected this formality and a notice by the city marshal has even failed to bring them around. Now come the warrants."
  • "The World Company has made less effort to collect its out of town subscription bills this year than ever before because crops were short last year and many farmers were forced to spend their ready money for feed. Only one notice has been sent to subscribers in general and in that notice The World Company stated that if the reader was short financially at that time he could wait until he got a crop. That notice still stands good and if you have not been able to turn anything into money yet you can pay a little later, but the greater number of our mail subscribers have been able to market something and have enough ready money to pay their subscription bills without further delay."
  • "At the meeting of the Sons of Veterans last night, plans were discussed for a boys' drum corps. The members of this organization are getting behind a movement to interest the young men of Lawrence who are sons of Civil War Veterans in the society. Suits and drums would be furnished for the boys."


SpicePirate 5 years, 7 months ago

WHAT?! You want a whole dollar?! Are you insane?

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