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100 years ago: Auto drivers reminded of yearly $1 fee

July 13, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 13, 1912:

  • "The steady, normal growth of Lawrence is plainly shown by the number of buildings that are going up in various parts of town. No one quarter of the city is receiving more than its share of the attentions of carpenters and contractors, as the building that is being done is widely scattered. Several stores on Massachusetts street are being remodeled; a number of homes are being built on Mississippi street; and one or two are being completed in Breezedale. By far the greater number of the buildings that are being constructed are residences, some of them quite expensive. Lawrence is not having a boom. It is simply spreading out to accommodate the growing population and trade."
  • "Do you own an automobile? Have you paid the license yet? If not it might be well to attend to this matter before long, as Chief Meyers has a long list of delinquents in his possession and is preparing to take advantage of the legal method provided for the collection of these one dollars. There are many Lawrence car owners who have failed to comply with the ordinance requiring the payment of a dollar a year as a license fee. Marshal Meyers is giving notice to these delinquents today that they must come in and pay up at once."
  • "Chicago -- Telegraphic reports of the weather conditions to hundreds of points in the west were discontinued by the local weather bureau last night because of a lack of funds. A large portion of the farming district of Kansas, Missouri and other states will be affected."


pace 5 years, 10 months ago

Budget cuts eliminate weather warning system. While today's congress ignores present aging weather satellite system. Until death toll match headline, then?

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