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100 years ago: Judge unmoved by attorney’s plea on behalf of bootlegger

July 11, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 11, 1912:

  • "The attorney for the defense in the case of the city of Lawrence versus Jane Williams this afternoon recalled memories of foaming glasses, wilted collars and hot days, but the Judge was untouched by these memories and the wheels of justice moved on, 'Aunt Jane' Williams being the victim and sentenced to pay a fine of $100 and to serve thirty days in the city jail for maintaining a nuisance at her home in the west limits. The attorney was arguing for the release of his client when he mentioned to the judge that he must remember the day when he was gradually losing his collar, when surplus clothing were shed and a friend offered a nice cool glass in a nice quiet place, and how refreshing it was. The attorney knew for he admitted having been there himself. But the Judge remembered not or else he did not heed."
  • "For half an hour this morning Lawrence played the host to the Colorado autoists who are making the first official run over the Golden Belt auto road. The eight cars which now constitute the party arrived in Lawrence at 10:15 this morning escorted by the pilot car from Lawrence which met the tourists in Kansas City last night. After a short stay here the cars proceeded on west back toward the Colorado cities which they represent.... The tourists all exhibited sunburned arms and faces, travel stained and dusty clothing, but they were all in the best of spirits and a jolly happy bunch all around. They have been on the road since the twenty-first of June, since which time their ranks have been greatly thinned out but several of them stated that they were sorry that it was so near over and that they were having a great time.... The cars were covered with pennants collected along the trip and when they left Lawrence a number of fresh 'Kansas' pennants shone out clearly from among the dusty lot."
  • "Lose a Collie? This morning a handsome collie pup found its way to the university. It was evidently not seeking higher education, for it had a dislocated hip and was taken to the physiology department for repairs. Its wants were soon attended to and it is now ready for the owner. It is not known who owns the dog."


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