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100 years ago: Second phase in Strong Hall construction planned to start soon

July 10, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 10, 1912:

  • "The second wing of the new administration building at the University is to be built soon. The board of regents at their last meeting asked for bids for the work and will award the contract some time soon. This is to be the central portion of the building. According to the plans the completed building will be composed of three separate wings. The first is now completed, and the third is to be just like it, and built west of the present wing. These two are to be connected by a middle wing."
  • "A shortage of finances at Kansas University threatens to abolish the position of assistant coach at the school. It has been the plan to employ a head coach, an assistant coach and then also a Freshman coach, but it now seems that the latter two must be combined again next year as was the case last season. The University is now unable to pay these salaries and it will be up to the athletic board to bear the burden of this expense. The University is to pay one-half of the salary of the head coach, but probably will be unable to do this for an assistant."
  • "Thirty-five years ago two sisters, Mary Frances and Louisa Sarah Dunn, parted for the last time. Years have passed on wings of joy and sorrow and the long lost sister doesn't return. Louisa is worried and her name is now Mrs. W. C. Weeks. She wants to find her sister, Mary Frances, and she has an idea the Journal-World can help her do it. If you know any such person please let the fact be known, or if you know of anything that will give her a trace of her long lost sister it ought to be a pleasure to help at it. If you have any information on the subject please communicate with Mrs. W. C. Weeks at 2835 Holly street, Kansas City, Mo."


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