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Voters encouraged to check registration status

July 8, 2012


Important dates

• July 17: Last day to register to be eligible to vote in the Aug. 7 primary election

• Oct. 16: Last day to register to be eligible to vote in the Nov. 6 general election

Where to register

• Online at

• In person at the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass.

Even if you haven’t moved, your polling place may have.

Ahead of the Aug. 7 primary election, it’s important that voters check their registration status, whether it’s to get registered for the first time or to ensure that when they do vote, they’re in the right place, said Ben Lampe, deputy county clerk.

Voting registration for the primary election closes July 17. Anyone not registered by the deadline may not vote, though the registration process opens again on the day of the primary in preparation for the general election Nov. 6. Potential voters must register by no later than Oct. 16 to vote in the general election.

Registrants don’t technically need a photo ID to get on the rolls but will need to present one to actually cast a vote. People with out-of-town IDs can also register, but to register online, a voter needs to have a Kansas driver’s license or identification card.

If a voter shows up to the wrong polling place, he or she will be giving a provisional ballot. Information on district lines can be found at, a resource for Douglas County voters.

“We hope voters are as educated as possible,” Lampe said.

Registration can be done online through, where applications are also available to print. It can also be filed at the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass., or mailed there. Lampe said that applications can be filed in person July 17, but mailed ones may not get in on time. There is a drop box outside the building for turning in registration forms after hours.


Jennifer Dropkin 4 years ago

I just checked my registration at the Douglas County Voter Registration search site (, which the Journal-World declined to mention), and it's not working. How should I check my registration and confirm where my polling place is?

onceinawhile 4 years ago

Agreed; a story on checking registration status should include a link to do so. The link you've provided also isn't working for me, but this link is:

msezdsit 4 years ago

And this is how you view voters whom may not agree with how you might vote.

parrothead8 4 years ago

Everybody who wasn't "born" into the same "opportunities" as you are such a "drains" on society, aren't they?

Greg Cooper 4 years ago

You 'forgot' the "single quotation" 'marks'. Check.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 4 years ago

How about "No 'drivers license' because the DMV system is broken?

kernal 4 years ago

Google and; oh, such wonderous tools on the internet.

As noted in the story's sidebar, the Douglas County Treasurer's office is in the Douglas County Courthouse at 1100 Massachusetts. I imagine someone will answer the phone if you call the voter registration number at 832-5267 during normal business hours.

classclown 4 years ago


I just checked my registration at the Douglas County Voter Registration search site (, which the Journal-World declined to mention), and it's not working. How should I check my registration and confirm where my polling place is?

July 8, 2012 at 5:27 a.m


As seen directly below the search form on the very page you provide a link to.

Having Problems Finding Your Information?

If you are having any problems with finding your Voter Registration information, please contact the Elections Division of the Clerk's Office via phone at (785) 832-5267, via email at , or via mail at 1100 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 66044.

If you have moved, please re-register by downloading a printable version of the Voter Registration Application (PDF format), or by visiting 1100 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 66044.

When you walk in the bathroom at home and discover there is no toilet paper let on the roll, do you look around the room or just stand there asking how you're expected to do your business without bothering to look around?

Kate Rogge 4 years ago

I'm sure Gilly read the same screen we all did (it is his post that contains a direct link to it, after all). The registration search is not working and no email address is provided on that screen, but, yes, we can all call during business hours or mail them an inquiry.

This alternate link's registration search seems to work just fine (and includes their email address):


Darrell Lea 4 years ago

I just attempted to use the service provided at the link. It seems to have been designed by Kris Kobach or one of his stooges. After completing the five fields (1st name, last name, month, day and year of birth), I was given the following response:

"No records were found. Please try again. (Please Note: If address is you entered is not the address we have on file, no results will be found. If that is the case, you’ll need to fill out a new voter registration, or you will likely be voting provisionally the next time you vote.)"

There was no place to enter an address! This application will fail one hundred per cent of the time because of poor design. It's as if they were trying to discourage voting.

chootspa 4 years ago

I got a response that I'm registered without having to enter an address . I think the error message is unhelpful, but likely it means you'll need to reregister.

onceinawhile 4 years ago

This link worked for me. Thank you.

JayCat_67 4 years ago

Then your user name appears to be quite appropriate in this case :-D

msezdsit 4 years ago

“We hope voters are as educated as possible,” Lampe said. Hope you don't get penalized by the authorities for making such a comment in your "official position" as county clerk. The official trend in Kansas as well as many other states, for whatever reason, has been to complicate voting.

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

I thought that myself. My Granddad used to say you can wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets full faster.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 4 years ago

Why?? The nitwits in Kansas are so immersed in the republican limbaugh adgenda that no other opinion matters. This state will go slavishly for Romney and his limbots. Any other voting possibility is utter futility. Look at the state house and the idiot that Kansans put there.

CLARKKENT 4 years ago


Kate Rogge 4 years ago

I'm appalled to see that I've lost Paul Davis as Kansas representative and now have Terri Lois Gregory. Thank heavens she's a team player and could move to Ottawa with a day's notice.

deec 4 years ago

Except near South Park of course.

kuguardgrl13 4 years ago

Does anyone know if the July 17 deadline applies to changing one's registration (i.e. address)? I will have moved to a new residence (still in Lawrence) by the primary but not before that deadline.

bsultana 4 years ago

Something I might try, because I'll have a new address but not until the beginning of August, is voting in advance. Seems to make as much sense as trying to vote with an address I've only held for maybe a week. Here's the application to obtain an advance ballot.

wood451 4 years ago

I found mine just fine by looking it up myself without trying to follow the posted links in this thread. I still vote at the same place I did last year.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 4 years ago

So does the registration matter if you do not have the right address on your drivers license? DMV still hasn't gotten mine straight after several months and attempts.

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