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100 years ago: Man pulled from river after possible mugging

July 6, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 6, 1912:

  • "Yesterday afternoon the police received a hurry up call from a small boy talking from the Santa Fe restaurant. He told the officers that he and his companions had found a man in the river down by the old dump and 'that there was something the matter with him.' The police hurried to the scene and found the man again lying in the water. He was taken out and brought to the police station and a physician summoned. It is believed that he had been drugged. He gave the name of Arthur Potts and said that he had been robbed of $6.50 but was unable to tell the officers anything more."
  • "About 10 o'clock this morning Miss Bessie Carter, who is employed at the Weaver store, hurt one hand badly in an electric fan. She was reaching for some lace when she caught one hand in the fan and sustained a deep cut across her thumb and forefinger."
  • "In his examination of the head of the cat that bit the small Rogers boy last week, Dr. S. J. Crumbine found that the animal was not afflicted with rabies as was feared. It is presumed that the cat had nothing but a fit."
  • "There is a city ordinance that makes it unlawful for any owner of live stock to allow it to run loose in the city. This ordinance was enforced yesterday morning at the expense of $6.50 to Grantville Silvers. It was charged that he allowed a cow to invade his neighbor's property."
  • "American athletes got off well in the lead in the opening track events of the Olympic games in Stockholm today. Thirty thousand spectators, among them the Swedish royal family, cheered their respective favorite to victory. United States entries annexed a large share of the first in the initial heats of the 100 and 800 meter events."


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