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100 years ago: Democratic nominee Wilson may visit Lawrence

July 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 5, 1912:

  • "Those who complained of the heat today perhaps didn't remember the conditions that existed just one year ago, when the thermometer rose to 107 1/2 degrees above zero. This afternoon at 2 o'clock the official reading of the University thermometer was 89 degrees. This was some warm all right but not quite as bad as last year."
  • "Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, may visit Kansas and Lawrence during the presidential campaign this fall. And in case the nominee himself does not come, William Jennings Bryan may appear here to argue his cause for him in Lawrence. Other noted men of the party will also be in Lawrence during the course of the campaign.... Already an effort is being made to bring Wilson to Kansas and it is quite probable that he will come. In Kansas when the Democrat enters the state he is sure to come to Lawrence because of the University. Wilson is a college man and will not neglect the University town if he has an opportunity to speak here. Wilson enjoys the college atmosphere and with the University of Kansas as a drawing card Lawrence is almost sure to land the candidate."
  • "George Innes, who has been sick for some time and is now convalescent, enjoyed the pleasure yesterday of once more walking through the store that has resulted from his many years as a merchant in Lawrence. Mr. Innes had been at home so long that he became lonesome and homesick for the store and his physicians believed that the visit would do him good. He therefore went down in a carriage and went through the various departments of the store where he was welcomed alike both by the employees and customers."


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