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100 years ago: J-W children’s party to include free movies at local theater

July 3, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 3, 1912:

  • "'Kansas University is still in the market for an assistant coach for next fall,' said Manager W. O. Hamilton this morning, 'but we have a number of good men in line for the position.' There is every indication now that the assistant to Coach Mosse will be an eastern man. It is believed that the combination of eastern and western methods will be to the best advantage and will produce the best team. Coach Mosse is truly a western man and with a man who has studied the game in the east as a helper it is believed that much better results can be obtained than if two western men are working together."
  • "The first organized tour out of Lawrence ever to be made by a pop-pop delegation will be made next Sunday by the members of the Lawrence motorcycle club. The local gasoline machine owners have made plans to return two visits in a single day, going first to Leavenworth, then down to Kansas City and back up to Lawrence in the evening.... Delegations from both of these have been in Lawrence this spring making the runs over on their gasoline bikes."
  • "Mrs. Patee of the Patee Nickel has announced a splendid program [for a children's party] to be given tomorrow afternoon by the Journal-World. The program includes three reels of some of the best comedies ever put on by motion picture companies. These have been secured especially for this occasion as they are the pictures that appeal to the little folks.... The first picture is 'Professor Optimo' with Marshall P. Wilder, the celebrated and well known Lyceum star, in the comedy role of the professor. This is a pure comedy and a laugh all the way. 'A Close Call' and 'Helen's Marriage' are two comedies by Biograph actors. The entire program is one that the children will greatly enjoy.... The Pathe Weekly is also on for tomorrow and includes a number of pictures of recent events that will be interesting and instructive. One of the pictures was taken at a recent game between the New York Giants and Boston, showing Herzog making a home run. This is the picture that will appeal to the boys."
  • "When the girls of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority return to Lawrence and the University next fall they will find a beautiful new home awaiting them at the corner of Louisiana and Ontario streets. This building was begun before the close of school and by the time school is resumed next fall it will be completed and ready for the occupancy of the girls. The plans for the Kappa house indicate that it is to be one of the handsomest homes of the K.U. greek letter societies. It is erected just beneath the hill and on the site of old Fort Thatcher which adds to its beauty."


LadyJ 5 years, 9 months ago

I take it, Ontario Street is now a numbered street. A piece of history about the street.

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