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100 years ago: Tragic wheatfield accident takes life of Eudora girl

July 2, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 2, 1912:

  • "Baltimore -- Woodrow Wilson today was nominated for the presidency of the United States by the Democratic national convention.... A tremendous demonstration followed the announcement. Cheer after cheer swept the hall and was taken up by the crowds outside. 'The honor is as great as can come to any man by the nomination of a party,' he said. 'Especially under the circumstances. I hope that I appreciate it at its true value but just at this moment I feel the tremendous responsibility it involves even more than I feel the honor. I hope with all my heart that the party will never have reason to regret it.'"
  • "A sad tragedy enacted in a wheatfield near Eudora yesterday cost the life of a Douglas county girl. Anna Brecheisen, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brecheisen, was helping in the wheat harvest and was riding the lead horse to a binder when the team became frightened and she was thrown to the ground and suffered the injuries from which she died a few hours afterward.... She was thrown to the ground [and] the whole number of horses immediately broke into a run and the unfortunate girl was trampled underneath the stampede.... The father came to the rescue of his daughter as quickly as possible. She was still alive and conscious. The father picked her up and took her to the house and a physician was called, but it was useless. The girl retained consciousness until the last, but her injuries were so severe that there was little hope for her, and she died about three hours after the accident. The neighborhood is in sorrow over the horrible accident. Miss Brecheisen was a popular girl and the tragic death has caused a spell to be cast over the Eudora neighborhood."
  • "Two city ordinances were up for revision last night and read the first and second time and passed. The first concerned the liquor ordinance. Under the old ordinance it was permissible to sell liquor with a license, but since then the state law has made it illegal to sell with a license and the city ordinance was made to conform with the state law. The ordinance regarding the carrying of concealed weapons was also taken up. but the council did not see fit to reduce the minimum fine from $20 to $1 as was suggested and the revised ordinance fails to show any revision except in the matter of jail sentence. This is reduced from forty to thirty days."


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