Young builders piece together Lego scenes for contest

It’s a question that could confound the deepest thinkers: What makes an awesome Lego creation?

Ask Aiden Smith, who builds plenty at home, and he’ll say the fine detail. He points at a medium size Mario replica: red overalls, brown eyes, mustache and sideburns.

“I like this one because I can’t make faces with Lego blocks,” Smith said. “Second of all, I love Mario.”

The Toy Store, 936 Mass., is hosting a Lego contest in which participants create whatever scenes their imaginations can think of. Pictured is one of the nearly 160 entries.

The Toy Store, 936 Mass., is hosting its second annual Lego contest. With 158 entries so far, the contest started Friday and runs until July 15.

“Our only rule was that it had to be one piece and that it had to fit through our front door,” Jhami Guffey, store manager, said.

The contest is divided into four age groups: ages 5 and under, 6 through 10, 11 through 15, and 16 and older. Community members can vote for their favorites.

Shipwrecks, battles, beach scenes, towers, ninjas, dragons and even weddings — most of the Lego designs are on display in the Toy Store’s front window. The rest are in the front of the store, a spot near the register parceled out for the occasion.

On Saturday morning, John Huff, of Lawrence, was drifting by the store with some friends when he spotted the display. They stopped to scan the entries.

“Look at this one that uses a million different colors,” Huff said. “They didn’t match any of it — I love that.”

Huff gestured to another design: “Paranormal Beach Scene,” its title card read. Scrawled by 9-year-old Elsa, the description said, “I have created a scene you would not find at the typical beach.”

Sunbathing cowboys, a pilgrim on the shore gripping a turkey leg, a construction worker in the water being crushed by a dump truck — unusual indeed.

With the occasional backward s, c and z, other titles included “Wedding Catered by the Crazy,” “Organic Farm” (with flowers, a horse and a hippie), and “Zombies Attacking Federal Agents.”

There was also a replica of the The Toy Store itself.

“Mommy, look at the Lego Toy Store,” said 4-year-old Quinn Kuhlman. “I want to vote for that one.”

Quinn and his sister, Kerra, 5, had already voted before the discovery, but you can vote again every day until July 15. And if Quinn and his family decide to come back and vote in favor of the Toy Store, Guffey won’t mind.

“Of course The Toy Store is probably our favorite right now,” he said.