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U.S. Highway 59 shut down south of Lawrence after accident

January 30, 2012


Traffic was shut down Monday morning on U.S. Highway 59 about eight miles south of Lawrence after a two-vehicle accident.

Medics were still getting to the scene at 7:35 a.m. Monday, but they reported both vehicles had major damage.

At least one person was said to have suffered a leg injury, but the person's injuries were not believed to be critical. Lawrence Douglas County Fire Medical supervisors canceled a helicopter ambulance that was on standby.

The crash occurred near North 500 Road on the highway, which is five miles north of the Franklin County line.


102769 6 years, 3 months ago

I was a first hand witness to this accident. There were 3 cars involved, and thankfully only that many. The southbound car "clipped" the drivers rear side of a D & D Tire truck headed north, then was a direct hit to a RAV4 on the front drivers side also headed north. The RAV4 was airbound as it rolled in the air. Depri flew everywhere including tires and the southbound vehicle spun in the highlway and ended facing north in the southbound lane. I happened to be behind the RAV4 and somehow was spared both physical damage and damage to my vehicle as I drove up on the embankment. How the cars managed to stop behind me is nothing short of a miracle.

The emergency personel were fantastic as thy arrived quickly and were professional and compassionate to all involved. They diverted traffic quickly as it was impassable. All involved were very lucky people today as all airbags were imployed and injuries were minor.

It certainly makes me realize how life can change in a split second. Thank you to all that assisted, including professional emergency personel and those who witnessed and made calls and stopped to make sure everyone was okay.

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