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League of Women Voters hosting meeting on proposed changes to Kansas tax structure

January 30, 2012


A forum to examine the implications of Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposed changes to the Kansas tax structure will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt.

The League of Women Voters of Lawrence-Douglas County and Kansans United in Voice & Spirit are sponsoring the two-hour informational session to help citizens understand how these changes could affect them.


Richard Heckler 6 years, 3 months ago

TABOR & ALEC = This type of activity does not come free of charge no way jose'!

For every tax deduction there is a tax increase ,user fee increase or in general some type of revenue increase somewhere in the pie of taxes. May see local rates increase to make up for loss of state or federal revenues.

This is not coincidence but part of a well orchestrated plan to privatize the state on behalf of corporate campaign contributors. The tax dollar haters have their eyes on our trillions of tax dollars flowing into their bank accounts. Going to the Cayman Islands.

TABOR and ALEC have teamed up against the lower wage earners say from $ 75,000 on down.

TABOR is Coming sells out state governments, public schools,SRS services etc etc to private industry = Grab Your Wallets!

Hundreds of state legislators from all 50 states have gathered in New Orleans for the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC. Critics say the Washington-based organization plays a key role in helping corporations secretly draft model pro-business legislation that has been used by state lawmakers across the country.

Unlike many other organizations, ALEC’s membership includes both state lawmakers and corporate executives who gather behind closed doors to discuss and vote on model legislation.

In recent months, ALEC has come under increasing scrutiny for its role in drafting bills to: attack workers’ rights roll back environmental regulations privatize education deregulate major industries * passing voter ID laws.

Nonetheless, this year’s annual ALEC meeting boasts the largest attendance in five years, with nearly 2,000 guests in attendance. A look at some 800 model bills approved by companies and lawmakers at recent ALEC meetings.


mloburgio 6 years, 3 months ago

Brownback, The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Attacks Single Mothers and the Poor

Senator Brownback’s gubernatorial win was largely due to the tide of Tea Party mentality and action within the state, much like what was seen throughout the rest of the nation. Throughout his career, his fanaticism has always been on display. He has always worn it like a right wing badge of honor. He never bothered to hide it or conceal it. Until his campaign for Governor, which is when he was savvy enough to distance himself from his past fanaticism, spoke in amazing generalities and avoided making the inflammatory statements that he had been known for in the past.

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