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Fix-It Chick: Replace an old door closer with new hydraulic type

January 30, 2012


If your storm door is closing too fast or not shutting all the way, consider replacing its pneumatic door closer with a new hydraulic door closer.

Hydraulic closers allow storm doors to close smoothly, eliminating the quick start and slow finish of traditional closers. Hydraulic closers also do a better job of pulling the door closed and keeping it shut.

Step 1: Close the storm door and check to make sure the door latch is functioning well enough to hold the door in place.

Step 2: Detach the closer from the door jamb bracket, using a hammer to tap the mounting pin up through the jamb bracket. Use pliers to pull the mounting pin out, allowing the closer arm to swing freely away from the jamb bracket.

Step 3: Detach the closer from the door face bracket in the same manner, using a hammer to tap the mounting pin up and pliers to pull it out.

Step 4: Set the old door closer aside and place the pins in a safe spot.

Step 5: Open and close the door a few times to make sure it swings freely. If there are any problems, fix them before installing the new hydraulic closer. Now is a good time to spray the hinges with lubricant.

Step 6: Attach the new hydraulic closer to the jamb bracket of the old closer. Slide the smaller end of the new closer into the jamb bracket and secure the closer in place by dropping the mounting pin through the holes. If the old and new closers are made by different manufacturers, it may be necessary to use the old pins to attach the new closer.

Step 7: With a firm grip, pull the cylinder part of the closer away from the door jamb until the closer is extended far enough for the mounting portion of the closer to reach the face bracket on the door.

Step 8: Drop the second pin through the face bracket holes and use a hammer to tap the pin into place.

Step 9: Open and close the door a few times to make sure that everything is working properly. If necessary, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the closing speed of the new hydraulic closer.

Step 10: Recycle the old closer, put away your tools and relax knowing the storm door won’t hit you on the way in anymore.


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