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County to consider plans for sand-dredging operation near Eudora

January 30, 2012


On Wednesday, the Douglas County Commission will continue its consideration of a sand-dredging operation in a Kansas River floodplain north of Eudora.

On Dec. 7, after five hours of discussion, the County Commission postponed their vote on a conditional-use permit that would allow the Kansas City, Kan.-based Kaw Valley Companies Inc. to establish a sand pit and plant on 197 acres at 2102 North 1500 Road.

Residents who live along the road leading up to the plant have opposed the plan. The city of Eudora also has spoken out against the permit, saying it goes against the city’s comprehensive land-use plan and it could threaten the quality of its drinking water, much of which comes from wells that are near the sand pit.

In April, the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission recommended denying the permit in a 7-1-1 vote. The Eudora Planning Commission, Eudora’s planning consultants and Douglas County planning staff have also recommended not approving the permit.

Kaw Valley Companies would like the County Commission to send the permit back to the planning commission so the board can consider new information, such as an updated study on how the project would impact Eudora’s water supply.

County commissioners will meet at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday at the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass.


juststrugglin 6 years ago

No! No need for another sand plant. There is one straight North across the river, that has stock piled sand that has not been used in several years. Buy that sand if you need sand. Water will be an issue! The river will change and the land will too.....

Lawrence Morgan 6 years ago

juststrugglin - you are absolutely correct. Buy that sand. We DON'T need another sand plant! And it will most probably impact the quality of Eudora water. Plus, most of all, we simply don't need it.

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